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reinajo 14 Jun, 2015
Oh there's Seong Jun...I must watch it :D But i wanna wait when all episodes will be aired
reinajo 13 Jun, 2015
Oh I see~ I've already finished school in this spring and gonna to college :)

You really should watch it~
And you? Watching something cool now?
reinajo 13 Jun, 2015
Do you study at school or university? :D

Hmmm now i'm watching School 2015: who are you. It's really interesting and story is very unusual!
reinajo 12 Jun, 2015
heeey what's up ^ㅅ^
steh 09 Jul, 2014
Hey! I'm Stéfany, nice to meet you too. (:
Lately I've been watching some movies: Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru, Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu and the japanese version of Ghost.
I stayed too long without watching dramas cause I was without internet and now there are a lot of things I want to watch. XD
How about you? :D
steh 01 Jul, 2014
Added you (:
illestseoul 23 Jan, 2014
IKR! It keeps me wanting more!!! lol I really don't want it to end ugh!
illestseoul 20 Jan, 2014
haha thank you! I'm so obsessed with the show it's not even funny x'D