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llyty 22 Apr, 2015
*censored illegal link*


Está assistindo muito? Tem alguma recomendação? XD

Ahhh! Recomendações válidas para KDramas e TWDramas com legenda em PT, por favor! =p

JDramas pode ser raw.
jehway9 20 Feb, 2015
Ola,eu baixei ele em português pelo Doramas Obsession Fansub.
leka190 09 Feb, 2015
Você me add do AT e ate hoje eu não respondi.
Por incrível que pareça eu ainda não sabia mexer direito, desculpa hahaha
Eu acho que te add também, não tenho certeza.
Eu tinha que mexer melhor aqui hehehe
nsayuri 13 Dec, 2014
Ei, eu vi que vc assistiu o novo do Rurouni Kenshin. Vc baixou lá do asiatorrents? A qualidade do video está boa?
llyty 02 Jul, 2014
Opa malz! XD

Hmm... baixei a raw no asia torrents! ^^
tomoesama 01 Jun, 2014
Honestly I started reading it around 3 years ago after I finished the drama and I forgot where I was xD
I have the habit of starting something and leave it unfinished :P

I only remember that Yul was spiteful from the beginning and Shin was a bit more of an ass XD
tomoesama 22 May, 2014
Lol, one day we'll finish them, when we have nothing better to do with our lives XD
Yeah, or I want to finish them but they're so unbearable to watch :P
I was on the 10th :D
Most probably I have but I think I forgotten it.

Wah, I'm scared now... XD
tomoesama 22 May, 2014
Well, most of them are "watching" but "not watching" xD
Really? Then were you born in May or June? :)

Haha, you're always welcome to peek at my boring profile :D
And greetings from the little island, which is drawn as a dot (or not drawn at all), on maps, found underneath Sicily, called Malta :P