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padam padam... geuwa geunyeoui simjangbakdongsori TV
gwaenchanha, sarangiya TV
signal TV
yeokjeok: baekseongeul humchin dojeok TV
blood+ animation
death note animation
elfenlied animation
fushigi yuugi animation
love★com animation
nana animation
Lee Byeong Heon person
No Hui Gyeong person
Ju Won person
Gwon Sang U person
Jo In Seong person


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I will only be updating this site when I have completed a drama/film.
My other site where I keep everything up to date is at: under the name Serendipity92x


fairydreamprod 28 May, 2017
Right! There was a time when I was crazy about FY! I found so many interesting articles about The Universe of four Gods. I watched anime & all OVAs. I even read "Fushigi Yuugi" and "Genbu Kaiden" manga ♥ I still need to read story of Byakko though ^^ And Love Com was just so adorable, haha )) I definitely need to find time and re-watch it :)
You know, I have just realized that I didn't add one more a very special anime of mine. It calls "Chrono Crusade". It impressed me so much back then. I still love it very much ♥
cinderella2442 03 Aug, 2014
Exactly how many emails have you got? xD
cinderella2442 02 Aug, 2014
Again?! Damn girl!!! xD