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rooomanoooma 26 Sep, 2015
Hello Salwa ^.+
rooomanoooma 20 Jul, 2015
Hi Salwa ^.^
kol sana o ente mabsota ;D
rooomanoooma 09 Oct, 2014
rooomanoooma 05 Aug, 2014
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my lovable SOOOOORA ^^
I'm so happy to hear ur great news ..I miss u so so so much girl is ur life & work??
sure the hell of work is back since Eid is over now T^T what do we do ?? this is our life !!! but thankfully we tend to forget quickly & get used to this routine lol & yah the next one is around the corner hun
I'm preparing the final proposal by next month for an approval evaluation !! plz pray for me chinguya
take care of ur health 2 ..don't forget to drink lots of water o keda since the wether is not joking at all =D
love u dear
rooomanoooma 27 Jul, 2014
rooomanoooma 07 Apr, 2014
Hi chinguyyaa ^.^
how r u doing these days ?? hope everything is going smoothly in ur work & life ^.*
Thanks a bunch for recommending ER couple ..The hilarity hooked me up^.^ it has its wonders on me especially during exhausting days u sis ..take care & let me hear ur ideas & recommendation whenever u got the chance to do so
rooomanoooma 21 Feb, 2014
Hello darling ^.^ thanks alot for getting back to me thu u're busy ^.^
Mashallah ur description is no joke ^.^ love it & I'm gonna give ER couple a try since I finished reviewing two complicated researches & a ppt.
الله يسمع منك يااارب دعواتك لي ياقمر منجد الكوريين ماهم راضيين يرحموني احس ابراج مخي طارت من زمان
I can't always hold my ipad so that's why I download them on my mobile to watch them anytime of the day ..I don't watch an episode in one shot ..No.. it's like it takes me 2-4 hr to finish one ep taking 10to 15 min while.... .comforting a friend online ..watching news with my grandparents.. .standing infront of the oven ..preparing dinner for my siblings ..& the most comfortable way when I lied down on my bed squeezing my small pillows & watching a drama or a movie ^.^ sometime I sleep with the phone in my hand to wake up next morning searching for it under the blanket's a war everyday ..nothing is easy !! thankfully u're not addicted lol

for Empress ki :: mmm I think u get to know me better with time ..I'm not the kind to search for a historical drama with the pending list ahead of me!!
Do u think I'm going crazy to recommend this one for anybody without a hidden bomb which is waiting for thr right time to's beyond any comments !!! if the story was mainly about history , I'd fed up & leave it for a while at least till graduation but this drama is no joke
I like how the girl pretends to be a tough boy who steals the crown prince's heart without her knowing his true identity leave him heartless ..Many characters ..many events that will not let u sleep for a second ..I enjoyed watching to the max ..u won't regret watching it ever ...
here are some reviews about the drama ..check it out & enjoy ur day ..Allah bless u with all u wish for ^,^

rooomanoooma 19 Feb, 2014
Hello Soora :)
I think "Emergency Couple" has great ratings up till now ??
what do u think about it ???