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sex female
interests Korean Drama; K-Pop; Anime.
located Brazil
born 24 Dec
joined 11 Jul, 2010


gaksital TV
inhyeonwanghuui namja TV
neoui moksoriga deullyeo TV
kill me, heal me TV
geunyeoneun yeppeotda TV
tto! o hae yeong TV
loveā˜…com animation
naruto shippuuden animation
Si Won person
Song Jung Gi person
Tae Yang person
Ji Seong person
Yu Seung Ho person
Seo In Guk person
Uzumaki Naruto character
Tsuruga Ren character
Gaara character


planned 0/32
~ 2 weeks
planned 0/16
~ 2 weeks
planned 0/8
~ 2 weeks
planned 0/40
~ 2 weeks
completed 16/16
~ 1 week
completed 14/14
~ 1 week

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429 listed titles    212.6 days watched
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