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tanyadesu ~ 1 week
oh my god janet it's so hard to keep in touch with you!! :(
tanyadesu 24 Dec, 2016
oh i got it mixed up with Days, lol! but why'd you drop that? :O
tanyadesu 24 Dec, 2016
oh i got it mixed up with Days, lol! but why'd you drop that? :O
tanyadesu 23 Dec, 2016 dropped one piece lmaooo
but why??
tanyadesu 18 Nov, 2015
ooh nice
and same, i hope you feel better!~
i haven't even finished Free! but i'll be sure to check it out, since i heard good things about it. i just thought it was over hyped.
tanyadesu 18 Nov, 2015
i've noticed you've been watching a lot of sports anime recently.
how was Haikyuu?
twinkey 21 Jul, 2015
ahh, that would make sense then. i might leave it for a bit before i think about watching it then. i find that kind of thing annoying too. thanks!!
twinkey 29 Jun, 2015
hey sweety! (looong time no speak but yeah...haha...i'm bad at keeping in contact with people) saw that you dropped kisarazu cat's eye. just wondering why because it seems pretty popular (not that i trust the ratings on here) but since we have pretty similar tastes maybe i wont like it?