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luvmelodrama ~ 3 weeks
nothing wrong w/ eating all that junk food once in a while!!! i'm not a huge fan of peeps because i don't like marshmallows but my best friend has been obsessed with them since she was 15 lol
luvmelodrama 21 Mar, 2018
how's murphy's law of love? are you enjoying it so far?
luvmelodrama 10 Mar, 2018
I don't remember if I've watched "The Man Who Couldn't Get Married." Any good? You got to ep 13 pretty quickly. Ah weather is finally warming up around here. Yay for just sprinkles of slushy snow here and there, nothing major. How's it going?
luvmelodrama 06 Mar, 2018
I watched Cinderella and Four Knights. It was enjoyable but ridiculously cliche. Everyone is so cute and nothing was horribly sad PHEW!
luvmelodrama 04 Mar, 2018
whoa! you're already on ep 14 of Jugglers? how is it so far? :D
luvmelodrama 18 Feb, 2018
i watched boy next door again today LOL
luvmelodrama 17 Feb, 2018
i love him hahaha. have you watched his other dramas or was this the first time? boy next door is ridiculous and entertaining :P
luvmelodrama 17 Feb, 2018
oh my god you're watching boy next door... that shit made me LOL i want neighbors like that i wouldn't be able to live