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yukari93 05 Sep, 2014
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll immediately edit the role post. I simply rejected because I saw that it was already listed, otherwise I would have corrected straight away! Sorry for this misunderstanding, hope you're not cross or anything, and thanks again because you all are very precious users who help us!(^-^)
nightrainboww 11 Jan, 2014
It's okay even if you don't add it, but it makes our work soooo much easier with source links added, so that's why I was asking to possibly submit it next time :D
bluenvision 04 Oct, 2012
Anytime. <3

Btw, I will check your previous post a little later. I was just busy that I couldn't check it. Sorry. R_R -hugs-
mitte 01 Nov, 2011
oh and you need to join and be accepted to see their posts ^_^
mitte 01 Nov, 2011
no I haven't, but you are able to download and watch Vacation from this Livejournal;
you'll be able to find it if you look through their completed projects list :)
bluenvision 21 Oct, 2011
*hugs back* ttyl~~ *.*
bluenvision 21 Oct, 2011
Oh sure. *0* I did nothing. :3

Oyasumiiiii *_*
bluenvision 21 Oct, 2011
So you'll try. *0* Great.

It seems Random chan opened a thread for new staff applications. Here is the link :

Hmm according to the text, you should pm Random Chan with the following :

Your time zone:
Your age:
Did you ever contribute to the database?
A paragraph describing why you are interested and why you feel you are qualified to become a staff member:

Good luck! *_*