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hideki 13 Sep, 2011
Well in that case, I won't restore the list but I'll compare it with the older one and tell you if there are any differences. Maybe some updates weren't carried over.
hideki 12 Sep, 2011
Alright, then I'm sorry for all this. I'll restore your missing dramas later today. :)
hideki 12 Sep, 2011
And abusive language will be removed from your profile if you use it -- it's inappropriate and not welcome here.
hideki 12 Sep, 2011
no, you don't. If you call someone's hard work useless, and try to speak for others, then I find it insulting. And I don't think you actually thought about the amount of work put into this site before you wrote it.

No one forces you to have an anime list, in fact no one ever turned to you personally and asked you to make one. You decided to come to the forums and insult the people who worked on it. This is not 'speaking my mind', it's trolling.
hideki 12 Sep, 2011
Don't you think your post was insulting? Consider it from that point of view.