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I like human, family, and procedural dramas. But I mostly like stuff with action and nakama and quirky characters in spandex.


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nanuklein 13 Jul, 2011
Cool~ Can't wait to see them!
nanuklein 01 Jul, 2011
More synopses, please. They're cool to read. Nah, kidding. Thanks for contributing synopses. ;-)
nikku 20 May, 2011
Yes I'm alright, thank you! ♥ I just realised that I don't really have interesting things to blog about anymore, so I thought I'd concentrate on this site, goodreads and similar sites.^^
nikku 19 May, 2011
I have to thank you, because without the link on your dw I would have never found this site. ♥ I'm still trying to figure out how everything works, but I love that I finally have a place where I can catalog all the asian dramas & films I watch. ^___^
unguanime 10 Mar, 2011
It's okay :D

I'll be taking N2 too (if I pass N3) ^^
I got my books from a local Japanese school (or course, I don't what it's called).
Great! :D
unguanime 07 Mar, 2011
Yeah, thanks :)
I want to write novels.
I'm interested in foreign languages so I think international relations will be good for me. My father recommends it to me. He is very supportive (unlike my Mom). He also encourages me to study abroad.

Good luck! You can do it! :)
What level of JLPT are you taking this year? I'm planning on taking it too. I passed 3kyuu (N4) two years ago and last year took the N3. I haven't known the result yet.
Hey, we could share study materials for JLPT! What do you think?
unguanime 06 Mar, 2011
Yeah, me too ^^

Aw, thank you :) My main goal is to be a writer (though my Mom seems to think that it doesn't have good prospect). I'm also thinking about working in international relations.

Hey, you're not boring :) What are you going to study in school?
unguanime 22 Feb, 2011
Yeah.... :(

I heard that some people are going to start a new comm on DW. I'm just happy that we're still be able to contact each other. Alex and Maryssa still uses their journals and twitter so I can still contact them.

Thank you! :D
I'm planning on studying Japanese Language. It's my first priority. International Relation is my second option.

Anyway, it's all about me. How about you?

Adding you too~