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healer TV
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byousoku 5 centimeter animation
ano hi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi wa mada shiranai. animation
tsumiki no ie animation
Yan Ya Lun person
So Ji Seop person
Sin Min A person
Ji Chang Uk person
Tsuruga Ren character
Mogami Kyouko character
Fujioka Haruhi character
Nakahara Sunako character
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China - Love Me, If You Dare
Hong Kong - Tiger Cubs I
Japan - Mr. Brain
Korea - Healer
Singapore - Mind Game
Taiwan - Black & White
Thailand - Full House

China - Black Coal Thin Ice
Hong Kong - Flash Point
Japan - Departures
Korea - Going By The Book
Taiwan - Secret
Thailand - My True Friend

Japan - Mr. Nietzsche In The Convenience Store
Korea - 9 Seconds - Eternal Time
Taiwan - I Am Sorry, I Love You

Japan - Death Game Park
Korea - After School Bokbulbok


oyqboyq 29 Jan, 2016
Haha, well then, what's one more drama at this point, right? :D I'll start it tonight. Thank you!
oyqboyq 29 Jan, 2016
Hey! Is Signal any good? :D I'm curious but I'm watching too many dramas at the same time as it is. If it's good, I'm going to give it a chance. :D
catharchie 11 Jan, 2016
No problem, thank you hehe. Nice to meet you :D
jpanda 08 Jan, 2016

stephanietjeee 14 Oct, 2015
Okay nice! No problem;)
nami24 08 Jun, 2015
ohh thanks ^^ <33
momo 08 Jun, 2015
Thank you very much!
leka190 27 Mar, 2015
Huuum i usually watch comedies but most of my favorites are melodramas...
And I prefer the Koreans dramas than dramas from other countries.

And you? What kind of dramas do you like?
Do you have something good to recommend me? :)

Sorry for my bad english ;)