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unguanime 09 Feb, 2012
I know right? XD I love shipping actors and actresses, just for fun XD
unguanime 05 Feb, 2012
Aah, yes, she is said to have some love scenes in that drama.... Okay, I'll tell you when I finish it~

I'm excited for Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu. Especially because Emi said that she aims to be the best couple like Miura Tomokazu and Yamaguchi Momoe. My first thought was, "Does this mean that she and Toori will end up married to each other like Miura and Yamaguchi?" XD My inner fangirl is on the rampage.
unguanime 23 Jan, 2012
Yes, finally over!

Yeah, I skipped through it and saw that they didn't have many interactions.

I see. Runway is kinda cheesy though, sadly.
Have you watched Kaho's "Kare, Otto, Otoko no Tomodachi"? I haven't watched it yet but I'm looking forward to it. Kaho got into Oricon's "Top 10 Most Promising Actress in 2012" ranking and one of the participants gave a good comment about Kaho's performance in that drama.
unguanime 22 Jan, 2012
Sorry for the late reply. My laptop is broken and I was busy with final exams.

I didn't watch Furuhata Chuugakusei (the drama SP with Yamada and Mayuko) fully. I skipped only to see Mayuko. There was a hug scene (after Mayuko's character dumped Tamato Soran's character).

Her character in Runway can be considered as serious. Lots of tears. Are you going to watch Runway?
francielizanon 08 Jan, 2012
That's OK, December is a crazy month, so much to do!

What do you mean, drama with the couple from You're Beautiful? Oh yes, it has, there is another boy who likes her and another girl who likes him and a lot of misunderstandings... like almost all dramas, as I said! That's why they only get together near the end. In You've Fallen for Me, however, their relationship goes well and their only drama (from what I remember) is in the end, when he breaks up with her so she can go study overseas while he takes the hand surgery.

I wasn't either liking or disliking Ghost Friends, just watching with no reason. When this happens, I prefer to drop the drama, so I can spend my time watching something that moves me more.
I loved Seonggyunkwan Scandal. The girl is annoying, but she is so cute that is hard not to like her =P I started City Hunter because of her, but dropped it because it was so sad. Maybe I'll try again in the future.

Recently I've watched Me Too, Flower (didn't like it, only watched until the end because I started disliking it too late, around ep 10), Baby Faced Beauty (I have a friend that looks just like the girl!!!), Romance Town (CRAZY drama!) and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (great beggining, lazy ending).
I'm watching Glory Jane, dropped Color of Women, Coffee House and 1000 Days Promise.

From those you've said, I like The Big Bang Theory. I also like to watch Criminal Minds and Law and Order, but only when I'm in front of a TV and it's airing. I don't like it enough to download it and watch all episodes... maybe one day!
I'm curious about American Horror Story... when you watch it, tell me what you think.
I love Doctor Who, is my favorite series! I also watch Raising Hope, Ringer, The Lying Game, The Middle, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Once Upon a Time, ...

I'm going in one month, February 6.

Have a nice week!
vickie 03 Jan, 2012
Nossa, eu esqueci totalmente de responder, desculpa lol
Eu gostei muito de Love Shuffle. Eu realmente precisava de algo do tipo ultimamente *0*
É. A personagem da Yuriko tava MUITO deprê mesmo. Podia ser um pouquinho menos lol Mas tirando isso, todos os personagens conseguiram me conquistar.

Poxa, só 18 ;3;
Eu na verdade não faço uma lista de drama que eu quero assistir, eu pego alguns que já tenho inteiros na minha pasta do HD externo(que tá quase estourando lol) e começo assistir 8D

Ah, então foi por isso que perguntou se eu falo inglês? na verdade, é que eu tenho muita insegurança pro meu próprio inglês, é estranho. lol
unguanime 02 Jan, 2012
Really? Girls that co-star with Yamada got like that? I only know Shida Mirai and Mayuko. Mayuko had a hug scene with Yamada right? Uwaaa that's scary....

Yes, the movie is coming out this year. I forgot what month.

Love Fukuda Saki too~ Though I think her acting is not that perfect, I like her.

You're welcome~
unguanime 02 Jan, 2012
Happy New Year!

Aaah.. yes yes.

Aaah, makes me remember of my small Arashi tv show collection that got deleted...
Co-staring with Johnny's sure is good XD Takimoto Miori got another role after Ikemen Desu ne. Plus in this new drama she'll co star with Mukai Osamu, who is on the peak of his popularity.

Aah... it's annoying when you get played by the characters. I haven't watched Umareru. I probably won't watch it.
I like Arakawa drama XD I get what you said about not in the conventional way, hehe. I've watched the anime, but I haven't read the manga. Now I'm waiting for the live action movie~

Yeah... I stopped watching Asuko March in ep3 or so. I think it was very typical shoujo manga story. I don't mind with that, I read shoujo manga and watch drama adaptations of them. But Asuko bored me. Maybe I wasn't in the mood when I watched that. And I might feel different if I have read the manga.

Runaway's pretty good. There are car chasing scenes, which (I think) is rare in Japanese drama. It also has a feel that's a bit different from Japanese dramas that I've watched and I think it's a good thing.
The characters are okay. They have touching background stories. Unfortunately the characters failed to make me attached to them. I didn't feel like, "I gotta support them!" or something like that. They touched me, but not to that extent. I don't know why.
So far it's pretty good. I think I'm going to stick to it till the end.

I don't know if you'll like it. But I can tell you that it's worth the try.
Soredemo is emotional, but it's not always sad. It's more about the struggle of two families to find happiness. It's also inspiring to see the characters' process of finding a way to life after the incident. There's a bit of romance, but only highlighted towards the end of the series. The whole drama feels so real that I got absorbed into it easily.
I hope you'll give it a try.