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ladyleen92 25 Aug, 2011
Mmmmmm !*

today I watched "IS"
the story is unique =D and so realistic
the stuff is also Great and cute <3
Can't wait 4 ep.6
I Love Fukuda Saki's act :p
ladyleen92 25 Aug, 2011
Ur Welcome Sweety =D

The act is horrible
they don't know what a real act is xD
the main character is so childish and he's rookie too Haha ! :p

sayitaintsojoe 10 Jul, 2011
Yeah, I figured it was a reference to another show, and yes I would like a season 3 too, but maybe a year or so from now. I love all the boss characters so much, they're hilarious. I just got done watching Ninkyo Helper, it was a masterpiece. It wasn't as funny as boss, but it was a really good show.
sayitaintsojoe 07 Jul, 2011
lol yeah, you gotta love Love Shuffle - No Panda - O_O lol
sayitaintsojoe 06 Jul, 2011
Hey! I like your favorites! I also just got done watching Boss 2. It was great! The last little part at the end was a little confusing though.