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well, Im another person that Likes dramas. My fav one are from Japan and then from Corea. Scine september 2010 Im watching my first Taiwanese drama "fated to love you". And i really like this drama.

I really dont like too much taiwanese dramas. All that I see I dropped them. Romantic princess, Hana Kimi and It started with a Kiss are the dramas from Taiwan that I droped. They aren on my list becouse I only saw one episode.

I like dramas scince 2009.

I like anime and manga also. I like to read horror and romantic books. I like to make AMV and I like to write stories and some times fan fics. I like to saty in forums

31 august 2011: I found That my drama list has new version and looks great. And now We have the oportunity to put our anime list. But I really dont want to combine drama and anime list on the same page. Actually I have more than 180 animes in completed, plan to watch and watching. Do you want to see my anime list? Send me PM and I will give ypou the link


deformedchrist 30 Nov, 2013
hahaha son muchos y muy variados. Pero tambien tienes bastante tiempo en esto.
deformedchrist 14 Nov, 2013
Hola! pasando para saludar, has visto demasiados dramas! haha
otomechan123 10 Oct, 2012
Oh, I see you likes anime, huh?
Please, can you join in my group?
channie 24 Feb, 2011
Jajajaja eso sí :P. A ver si consigo traer a alguien más de A-T para acá xDDD
channie 21 Feb, 2011
Creo que somos los únicos de A-T por aquí. Yo no he encontrado a nadie más xDD
channie 20 Feb, 2011
Jajajaja no sabía que había alguien de Asia Team por aquí xDDD
channie 19 Feb, 2011
Jajajjaja sí, soy yo! ^^

Tú eres miau, no?