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I always wonder what it would be like if you had a crush on me...


suketeru 21 Dec, 2016
konkon (^^)
Long time!!!! Did you Yamamura Ryuta got cast in a drama next winter? When I saw the news I immediately thought of you! (^o^)
amenohibi 16 May, 2011
sorry about that, haven't been online here for ages it seems :B added you now :3
suketeru 25 Jan, 2011
I watched ep17 of SG last night (the one when she breaks up with him then goes into coma). I cried so much >.<
Then I watched ep6 of Coffee Prince and laughed so much XD
Enjoying both dramas a lot ^_^
suketeru 17 Jan, 2011
omg my super long msg got eaten up twice! T_____________T
I'll write again tomorrow XD In the meantime, THANK YOU! <3