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rikatokato 05 Jan, 2017
I just finished watching a show for NEWS shounen club premium. where they were saying they understand what kat-tun is going through since they had the same experience.
tegoshi kun requested kat-tun fan to support them
NEWS said they will invite Kat-tun to their show to have chance to talk about their feeling & plans ^^
I hope it will be soon
rikatokato 02 Jan, 2017
Happy new year my dear..

I really miss kat-tun ,, I was heart broken when I didn't see them in johnnys count down T.T
*watching the GIF*

I hope to hear new single soon ^^
annabloem 05 Sep, 2016
I'll have to look through some more of them then, to find the rest xD
haruchan 17 Aug, 2016
btw, i found my ichiban in JE WEST. its Shige XD
but kiriyama is so close at 2nd place XD
sacchan 27 Jul, 2016
Your name is as much as a surprise as me having Arashi as banner xD
kamesoul 29 Feb, 2016
Thank you! Glad to be here! xD
haruchan 21 Feb, 2016
i dont have ichiban yet in Johnny West, but i really like the non-chan's voice
i feel so pedo right now XD
haruchan 02 Feb, 2016
ohh i've seen him with his group in VS Arashi. he is the air-head one right? haha so cute <3