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sayitaintsojoe 20 Dec, 2013
susan 31 Oct, 2013
What? Shibasaki Kou was in Chakushin Ari...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. You've been talking about the drama this entire time, and I was talking about the movie. XD I've never seen the drama. It didn't exist in 2005 either!

Yeah, I know how it feels to think you're bothering someone. I often feel like I'm just bothering people, like MDL's wonderful admins, when I need help. I like trying to figure stuff out on my own as well. That is, I used to. But I'm learning to ask for help when I need it. I think my phobia of asking for help comes out of experience though. I've encountered people who are cruel and dismissive to those who ask for help. I think I was one, once.

But I'm finding that it's actually really rewarding to work with other people, especially here on MDL. I can at least assure you that all of the staff here are friendly and helpful.
r0lan 21 Jul, 2013
oooooo thanks for the reccos, i'll take a look into them!
You're the 10th person to recco me HunterxHunter lmao, I guess it must be real good then ^0^
priceless 21 Jul, 2013
The same here. I liked the older one, but the newer one that is following the manga just brings the story to another level. It is so thrilling :)
priceless 20 Jul, 2013
Oh, from Saudi Arabia. Not so far ^^