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hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise TV
hana yori dango TV
white christmas TV
nae yeojachinguneun gumiho TV
gaksital TV
eungdaphara 1997 TV
Kamenashi Kazuya person
Mizushima Hiro person
T.O.P. person
Lee Seung Gi person
Lee Jun person
Ju Won person
Uchiha Sasuke character
L Lawliet character
Kiryuu Zero character
Shindou Shuuichi character
Harima Kenji character
Oosaki Nana character


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poulminjae 15 Dec, 2014
Did you see them?!?! Like in real life??????
poulminjae 08 Dec, 2014
Yeah, I love Big Flo xD And million other groups xD Nice to meet you too :)
patusiek 07 Dec, 2014
Yes, I see them live from very close distance XD I agree, I like his personality XP Congrats! How is it there?
patusiek 29 Nov, 2014
Yes, Leo is my fav one even more after last concert <3 <3 What about ur bias? Right,it's nice to meet other fans. Hehe a little more titles to see XD
Do you study in Korea?
patusiek 27 Nov, 2014
Thx ^^ Your too. Are you VIXX fan ? hehe I like dramas too much XP
berrytm 13 Nov, 2014
Aw, I guess I expected it when I saw your profile (it said you lived in Korea) :D Oh well, thanks anyway!
berrytm 12 Nov, 2014
Hey there ;D I saw your comment on the korean movie Fashion King and it seems like you have watched it? :)
Did you watch it with english subs? If you did, where did you watch it? :3
evahee 03 May, 2014
Thank you! And I love your charismatic GD photo! ^^
I'm gonna start watching Gapdongi in a few days, is it good? :)