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love shuffle TV
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bloody monday TV
city hunter TV
rurouni kenshin film
helter skelter film
ao no exorcist animation
death note director's cut kanzenketchaku han: rewrite genshi suru kami animation
kuroshitsuji animation
michiko to hatchin animation
Matsuda Shouta person
Miura Haruma person
Naka Riisa person
Mizuhara Kiko person
Ayano Gou person
Kikuchi Rinko person
Heiwajima Shizuo character
Orihara Izaya character
Edward Elric character
Tainaka Ritsu character
Nezumi character
Souma Kyou character


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Hi there.
The name's Tanya, and I like to watch foreign things


jan1991 18 Nov, 2015
hey! haha yeah been ill so i have a lot of free time- I LOVED HAIKYUU! I def recommend; its got me into watching more sports anime~
xdsmile 14 Sep, 2015
myabe will check em again later sometime. Thanks!
xdsmile 06 Sep, 2015
I couldn't get my self to watch any of them :O
xdsmile 28 Aug, 2015
so true. I regret watching it. and never thinking of watching the 2nd part. And what "Shikishima" ? they put on levi's character and just change his name. :O
never trust Japanese in action/fantasy movies!
jan1991 27 Jun, 2015
HEY!!! Long time- sorry I have been really busy lately but I have some time now! How are you?! xx
jan1991 02 Jan, 2015
I have seen the main guy in 'I took the day off today,' boy is acting is stiff so I know how you feel...he needs proper training!
jan1991 01 Jan, 2015
~~~Happy New Year!!!~~~ Yeah the movie was too corny for my tastes- I think I'm running out of patience for things I can't bothered to finish- before I will force myself to sit through it, not anymore. I saw your rating for suki tte ii na yo...not good?
jan1991 28 Dec, 2014
Hey Tanya! No I didn't I just haven't been on for sometime because I have been busy (I still have time for dramas though lol). Which one the movie?- if so I just felt it dragged and was a bit corny for my tastes~~x