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Welcome to my profile, I'm Random chan and I'm a cool person who enjoys a range of different things. I like serious films but also goofy animations, good literature and lots of comics. My most favourite genres are probably fantasy and adventure but I also like romance, mystery and pretty much any genres as long as the work itself is good. I also think that documentaries are great. If you're not familiar or haven't watched any documentary before, I recommend the genre wholeheartedly. There is a lot to learn from them.

5 Facts About Me:
- Dera Mochimazzi is my spirit animal
- I often wonder why Korean actresses must squeak so
- My interest mostly lies with Japanese works
- Science is awesome
- Fantasy is awesome too

I Don't Like:
- Most Korean romcoms, even if you think they're really cute
- Lazy camerawork as well as hyperactive, jumpy camera.
- Deus ex machina moments
- Same ideas with the exact same execution
- Erotic stuff, curses and toilet jokes

I Like:
- Beautiful imagery
- Well written dialogues
- Creators who research their material well
- Logic
- Warm, fuzzy things


noodlemouth ~ 2 weeks
i'd heard of them before, but actually seeing them... XD
maknaegirl 09 Aug, 2017
I don't remember but I'm sorry if I posted something incorrectly. It wasn't my intention :)
dutchviola 06 Aug, 2017
lol, thanks^^!
susan 02 Aug, 2017
Hello again Random-chan. I'm following up on our previous exchange.

A few weeks ago my title contributions were merged/rejected. Hurray!

However, two role contributions from March 20 still sit in the queue. Both for Nobushi no Gourmet. One of the roles I submitted for that series was merged already. No one has contacted me about errors, so I'm assuming my submissions were just overlooked.

When you have a spare moment, can you look into this for me? Thank you.
kilz 24 Jul, 2017
Haven't been on here for a long time and now you're a cat lol
aoimuki 16 Dec, 2016
Dear Random chan,

I'm glad it arrived in time and you did like it. :) I like this website (even if I don't use it everyday), so thank you so much for your kind answers! You were super nice, it made me more excited about this postcard exchange. :)

I wish you Merry Christmas one more time! ^^

Best regards,
dodi1d 07 Oct, 2016
Hey, what documentaries do you recommend to watch?
rojoong 27 Jul, 2016
Yup I will! Thank you so much!! ^O^ /

Haha thank you! :D