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The S**t I have to deal with every day.


3lii 16 Feb, 2013
I think I like comedies the best
3lii 16 Feb, 2013
It depends on my mood,
If I'm happy I'll feel like something sad or really deep and meaningful .. also historical dramas
and if I'm sad or just in a normal sort of mood I feel like a romantic comedy thats heavy on the comedy and makes me laugh a lot XD sorry I didn't write that very simply
3lii 16 Feb, 2013
and I love your myungsoo picture <3 infinite :D
btw what genre of dramas do you enjoy the most?
3lii 16 Feb, 2013
I see your comments on a lot of dramas so I just wanna say hii *waves*
catstreet 26 Jan, 2013
Wow I love your profile picture :D
leslie 11 Jan, 2013
Maybe :D?
Me either, but I guess we will see. So what up?
leslie 10 Jan, 2013
I think that one of them is going to died....
leslie 08 Jan, 2013
Lol, I am anxious to see how the drama well end :)...