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bluelily 29 Dec, 2013
I just added you, because I liked your comment on Andou Lloyd, I enjoyed this drama very much, too ;)
makiru 27 Dec, 2013
You're welcome!~
Are u watching 'Man from the stars'? I'm LOVING it xD
I see you are watching Secret, this drama is awesome. Good acting all the way~
emmelined 10 Dec, 2013
Maybe that's why it was difficult to find xD
taraneh 06 Dec, 2013
I added you, hope that's fine with you ^^
taraneh 06 Dec, 2013
This gif is killing me <3 Viva ''Reply 1994''!!! XD
3lii 15 Sep, 2013
I was thinking the same thing, either way we have to wait and see D:
it kills me waiting for episodes of this each week (but then I forgot about it and then I remember when the episodes are out)
That's like when I order things online too XD
kamilles 13 Sep, 2013
You're beautiful, reply 1996, can you hear my heart, dream high, hana yori dango, is! :) I've started watching secret garden and shut up flower boy band, but haven't finished them yet! :o
3lii 13 Sep, 2013
When I was watching it I was like, this isn't real nope nope, but when he disappeared I was like OMG NO WHAT IF IT IS *sobs* and her tears