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3lii 14 Aug, 2013
there are so many dramas i want to watch atm but i dont have the time :'/
hafsa 29 Jul, 2013
your infinite gifs are awesome :D
paulixx27 07 Jul, 2013
aww thanks hehe :) it's very simple I think, but thanks ;)

yeah I like it ;) maybe I'm not that crazy about it but I like to listen to some songs of various artists or groups :)
how about you, you like Kpop too ?? :)

aww really ? :D that is so nice to hear it ! thanks, means a lot <3
well lately I didn't have time or ideas for any vids, so I have longer break. But I hope that in future I will do some new vids ;)
makiru 24 Jun, 2013
I thanked to heavens when Tae kyung changed his hairstyle,
The one so straight with side bangs covering his face...
it bothered the hell out of me xD
Seol Chan is just so full of himself, it's so funny!
I like the way he can't accept the fact Min Se Yi couldn't care less about him being famous xD
Every time I hear her name my brain compute it as 'Miss A' oh
Did you like the 'Last Cinderella' ending? ^^
makiru 18 Jun, 2013
The only thing that is bothers me a lot it's Jiro's hair, I think he looks so much better with his bangs down,
I think the hair is the character's problem, because I remember I hated to death Tae Kyung's hair lol
now, I'm watching it like: Put the gel down and back away! kkkkkkkkkkkkk
I know that's an adaptation, but it doesn't really need to be a copy,
you know what I mean?! The exactly same
I'm lovin' Monstar! But I don't know who I ship with who... I'm a Junhyung fan, and Seol Chan is so funny
but I don't want to be biased xD Seon Woo is so charming, he looks so good with Min Se Yi... Ottoke~~!
I just noticed that I sent to you a few messages, but still don't have listed you, I'm listing you now, ok? xD
makiru 18 Jun, 2013
I started to watching to 'Fabulous boys' ^^
I quite understand now what you said about Jiro's missing something,
I think is because he fits so much better doing comedy, so,
when he tries to be serious it just cracks me up lol I just can't buy it!
This version is so similar with the Korean version, it's like watching
'you're beautiful' over again, but now with Taiwanese people lol
Your new avatar is just beautiful ^^ she's so cute! Are you enjoying Monstar? I'm loooving it!
angi 16 Jun, 2013
Did you make all of those gifs on your own?
angi 16 Jun, 2013
Do you have a blog/tumblr or anything like this?