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makiru 05 Jun, 2013
I am kinda picky about the quality of the videos, coz if a video doesn't have a good image
I tend to think that's the problem is my eyes LOL
That's why I download everything in HD ^^
The last drama I watched with Jiro was Hana Kimi (A looong long time ago xD), so I don't know much about his nowadays acting,
so, are you telling me he didn't improve at all since 2006? kkkkkkkk Poor Jiro xD
makiru 05 Jun, 2013
'You're beautiful' is just awesome, doesn't it? ^^
I'm planning to watch the taiwanese version, but the bad thing about Dramacrazy is the poor image quality :/
I think the actors of Fabulous Boys are gorgeous! And I'm a Jiro Wang's fan so... xD
evahee 02 Jun, 2013
Hey~ In your profile picture, are these photos of JR new? Cause I've never seen them :p
makiru 01 Jun, 2013
Hello :D
How is it the taiwanese version of you're beautiful? Is it good?
Ah... Your profile gifs, gooosh! Just too perfect! *_*
usiekawaii 24 May, 2013
i add you.
silvadiva 15 May, 2013
I tend to stalk people who reply to me on pages. Hee XD
rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
Click on the banner ^-^
3lii 05 May, 2013
good, and you?
btw its too bad yonghwa isn't going to be in the drama anymore :( but there's still minho