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3lii 29 Apr, 2013
sorry i forgot to respond D:
3lii 20 Apr, 2013
If Minho was the third wheel it just wouldn't be ok -_- hes just such an alpha male
3lii 17 Apr, 2013
IKR my reaction too >.< that storyline, those actors, that director, that screenwriter
3lii 16 Apr, 2013
This Heirs drama better happen >.< minhooo, yonghwaa, shinhyeee
3lii 14 Apr, 2013
-a few minutes later- k I'm back for more spamming XD I felt that the drama had a different feel to the movie but having 16 episodes for the story line really did it justice. For me watching tw,twb felt like reading a really really good book on a sunny day. The cast were soooo amazing seriously <3. Also I really loved the atmosphere of it and the details they changed and added.

I shall go to sleep now since I'm at peace from my venting.. Once again sorry
3lii 14 Apr, 2013
Also I wanted to say that on 7th grade civil servant on one of the last episode there was a comment saying that something with a story line like that shouldn't have been given 20 episodes. Something with a really good storyline like TW,TWB should have.

When I read that, even though I hadn't seen the drama at that time only the movie I felt like that was a stupid thing to say. TW,TWB was good because it was a 16 episode drama anymore and it would've started to take away from the value and that same person might have been bored with it. Same goes for 7th grade civil servant, I felt like watching it, that they probably should have had 16 episodes since in the drama it felt like they were trying to drag things out just so they'd make it to the 20 episode mark. It really depends on how complex the storylines are and both dramas have storylines that don't really allow for 20 episodes or more.

Sorry for the rant XDDD
3lii 14 Apr, 2013
Ok I've watched it all now XD
it was really really good.. ik this sounds really sadistic but I preferred the movies ending. Not because I prefer a tragic ending to this story but because to me the way they lead up to the ending wasn't as natural feeling as in the movie it just felt kind of so-so. But it was a pretty ending :3 The movies ending wasn't nearly as pretty and peaceful it was more like *crysamilliontears*
I don't know maybe this was just me
3lii 07 Apr, 2013
I started watching That Winter, The Wind Blows but then I just didn't feel like it since I saw the movie but I'm planning on watching it now, I think I'm more in the mood to since I'm on holidays *-*