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The S**t I have to deal with every day.


3lii 03 Apr, 2013
I'm the same.. I watched a long one before and I stopped with it but I'm was planning to continue soon.. so many dramas so little time though
3lii 03 Apr, 2013
I think it'll be alright to watch while its airing ... hopefully
3lii 02 Apr, 2013
I'm good hbu? its been a while since we last talked, almost a month
3lii 01 Apr, 2013
annyeong haseyo *waves*

3lii 05 Mar, 2013
I do too, the distraction isnt the point of it, its mainly the health thing, also sitting on a couch > hunching over a computer
3lii 26 Feb, 2013
it makes me think about a billion other things being on the computer and I already go on the computer enough as it is itd be nice to be able to not be on the computer when watching hours and hours and hours of drama
3lii 25 Feb, 2013
If I could I'd rather watch them HD on my tv.
Also, not anymore I don't, I lost a sub
that's why I try not to be happy til im at least 10 subs over :'D
3lii 23 Feb, 2013
it doesn't help watching dramas on a computer, when you watch stuff on the computer you always want it to move fast, im sure if you watched historical dramas on tv you'd be able to enjoy it more... I'm so jelly of people with korean cable..its super expensive