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cowgirl805 08 Apr, 2018
I am rewatchng Iron man I loved this drama. I don't read reviews until after watching dramas. Some people may not like what you like. Hope you enjoy it.
nicepastel 05 Mar, 2015
Guten tag ^-^ , may I ask a question? Do you know some good drama's to watch ?!
And what is your favorite so far ?!

Thanks already :')
Au revoir

(Sorry my French is not good =P )
risingsun 28 Aug, 2013
Yeah, I still need people, thanks. Please just send me an email ^_^
yokochan 12 Dec, 2012
Yaaay! Like your Comment on -Glass Mask-;
when you´re watching it then tell me maybe if you like it x) because i like it sooooooo much *_* hehe
bye bye
rooomanoooma 12 Mar, 2012
rooomanoooma 01 Jan, 2012
dear leylachan,

rooomanoooma 25 Dec, 2011
hideki 06 Nov, 2011
Thank you!