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Helloooow everyone~! :D
I'm a newcomer in the Drama World, so my list is kind of empty... ^^"
I'll gladly accept any recommendation or comment you may have!
Thanks for your visit! x)


to give free hugs
to read manga, manhwa and manhua
to watch dramas
to listen to Korean
to love Jang Geun Suk~ *Q*

Et un dernier petit commentaire dans la French language pour me faire plaisir ;3
Et non, je n'aime pas particulièrement le rose. ^^


melissa 20 Jan, 2011
I loved your picture, cause I love Jang Geun Suk too :)
sweetfantasy 14 Feb, 2010
Hey...I must say I thoroughly enjoy your profile photo. x)
Ah! Would you recommend Long Vacation? I really liked Kimura Takuya in Mr. Brain, and this is a bit different.
bluenvision 02 Feb, 2010
Hey Pitchy *0* -huggles-
Reading your presentation made me want to say hi since it seems we share almost the same interests. (Jang Geun Suk being one of them -winks-) *0*
I also gotta say the picture you have is so lovely. It's from a manhwa, I suppose? @0@
See you *___*
sakitty 29 Jan, 2010
Hi :D omg i love ur photo hehehe ^^ Jang Geuk Suk is one of my fav korean actor too ^^! Have a nice day :D
jeanne 28 Jan, 2010
yah .. he is my Favorite actor to me >.<
i like his styil in hong gil , he was hot O_o
and in you're beautiful drama also ! you didn't watched it?
any way you're welcome anytime ^_^
moosespitz 27 Jan, 2010
halfway through midterms, yays ~

oh, i watched the first episode of samurai champloo a looooong time ago. never really got into finishing that though.
does the girl ever find the samurai that smells like sunflowers ?
hideki 26 Jan, 2010
Thanks for caring! I'm feeling much better now, and should be ready to continue working on MDL with much enthusiasm this weekend. XD
Random chan 26 Jan, 2010
heya! it's really hard actually, but... somehow I get to it ^^... XD do you have gmail? tell me you do;; if not - go and open one xD I'll chat with you there.
As for BBcode, yes, it's that one. use