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e zuo ju zhi wen TV
hana yori dango TV
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chanranhan yusan TV
geudae, useoyo TV
ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni TV
Jeong Gyeong Ho person
Park Sin Hye person
Luo Zhi Xiang person
Taru person
G-Dragon person
Choe Daniel person


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sayitaintsojoe 26 Jul, 2011
lol nice profile picture!
sayitaintsojoe 07 Jul, 2011
Hey, do you know what's up with Fated to love you and drunken to love you? Are they related?
sayitaintsojoe 28 Jun, 2011
Thanks, I was looking for another Taiwanese drama. I'll have to check that out some time. BTW who is that in your profile picture?
sayitaintsojoe 24 Jun, 2011
Hey! I like your profile and your drama philosophy lol! It usually takes me a few tries just to make it through the first episode of a new drama, but after I do I usually end up loving it i.e. Iljimae, and many others. I also like the way you did your favorites. Picking favorites is so hard to do! I've only seen one Taiwanese drama so far, and it was Hi My Sweetheart. I loved it! But I don;t know if I could ever switch my out one of the six on my favorites now lol. There were just too good!