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I love watching Jdorama's and Kdrama's and movies mostly romance.

Music Jpop, Kpop and what's on hit lists ;)

Favorite (Asian) actor and singer take a guess...or check my top 5 :)

Bilingual: Polish and English :)


zaylia 14 Oct, 2015
Glad to have helped. I was also finally able to finish watching this so thank you as well for getting me to search for it again. :)
sullilea 15 Sep, 2015
Yes first one was really good but i enjoyed with two.. It was so funny:) thanks for replying..
sullilea 07 Sep, 2015
Hey, i read your comment on dream high 2.. I dont know you keep watch and finish it but you should watch a few eps more plz :)
honey 17 Nov, 2013
Haha, hello, my dear fellow Ryo-fan! =DD My profile pic might be cute, but your's is hot! XDD

Yay, thanks for adding me! I'm always happy to read that someone likes my reviews. <3 I started to write them for myself, but seeing how it might have helped some people up until know I'm very happy. It actually keeps me writing them. So thank you for telling me!
Added you back, btw! =D 64% is not that usual, with that you've entered my top 5 compatible friends. =DDD