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    romanized Julie
    native ジュリー
    english Julian
    aka Jurii


    sex male


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    Video game character. His birthday is 15th March. He has a smug personality.


    This character has no voice acting roles yet.


    noodlemouth 15 Mar, 2015
    Happy birthday, Julian! :D
    noodlemouth 31 Jan, 2015
    @cfaust I have Benedict in my town too! Before Julian, I thought Lucky was the best ^_^
    cfaust 30 Jan, 2015
    @noodlemouth xD He was ill because he hadn't see you for such a long time!

    Same here, AC kinda gets boring after some time, but I loved to play it when I was younger.
    My favorite character.. I guess it's Benedict (a red crazy chicken). I don't know, he was one of my first villagers and he's so funny xD I don't plant roses around his house though xDD
    noodlemouth 29 Jan, 2015
    @cfaust Lol, it really is love XD

    I hadn't played it in a few months, and I was too afraid to start again, in case he was gone. Eventually, I checked, and he was still there. But he had a cold :o

    Do you have a favourite? :D
    cfaust 29 Jan, 2015
    @noodlemouth Best love story ever xDD I just played some AC this week again and it's so funny how everyone loves some different characters xD
    noodlemouth 28 Jan, 2015
    Best character ever!
    To start off, he's a unicorn. He wears make-up and dances. He acts all flirty with you, but then accidentally lets slip that he can't remember which girl he's sent flowers to! XD

    One day, he just moved into my town. And now I never want him to leave.
    He's turned me into a bit of a stalker: I've planted roses all around his house, and I keep sending him letters. He's cool about it though. ^_^

    I've been playing Animal Crossing since the Gamecube, and Julian is by far the best character I've come across :D