ESC to close 2.84 (by 960 users)kami no shizuku
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kami no shizuku
english Drops Of God (literal)
aka Les Gouttes de Dieu

Based On

based on manga


genres drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 13 Jan, 2009 - 10 Mar, 2009
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 2.84 of 5 by 960 users
total users 1636
rating 2728
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Kanzaki Shizuku has a natural ability to judge good wine by its color, smell and taste, in a way that makes professional wine tasters jealous. The day his father died it was revealed that his will allowed only one of his two sons to inherit his fortune, and that son is he who wins the wine tasting test. Kanzaki would probably win, if only he hadn't sworn to never taste alcohol in his life ever again.




Kanzaki Shizuku
Shinohara Miyabi
Tomine Issei
Doi Robert
Kawahara Shigeru
Minamoto Saori




09 Mar, 2011
Honestly said, the drama isn't really anything special. I started it only because of Kame, but believe me, you really have to be a big fan of his to find this interesting in some way. (Except if you are not some wine maniac or something...)

So, basically the drama is about drinking wine and two people who see images based on how a wine tastes, recite some bad sounding poetry when drinking and while one of them is summoning some wine god or something the other, most of the time аcts like a creepy psycho, who makes animal noices while drinking, what? Wine of course. And in case you haven't got tired of hearing about wine till now, you'll be nicely surprised to see some good quality time spend on the various history of different wines told by the characters again and again and again. And that's it in general.

The actors and the play. Kame did nice, Naka Riisa was annoying as always (don't know why her character was even present) and Tanabe Seiichi was... creepy. The others were just like a fillment. Oh, and about Takenaka Naoto's character - what's with the long, long, black hair? O.o
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15 Apr, 2011
In both you see Johnie's actors as young boys who are discovering what they want to do in with their life. The one story is about food and the other about wine.


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fukopyon 06 Sep, 2011
dunno about that, but I think the hug was okay. at least compared to those rapist-hugs-from-behind from Yamato Nadeshiko, but that may be a matter of opinion anyway... XD

seeing as I'm not that much of a drinker and never tasted wine before, this dorama was very abstruse to me at some points. anyhow, it was fun watching. the acting was pretty decent, story-wise there were a few things I found weird but all in all it kept my interest until the very end :3
reiko92 20 Jul, 2011
I'm totally into it's opening (wine and sceneries, oh my gosh)! I felt that this drama is a detective story, where the traces are the letters and the culprits are the wines. I can say that I've totally changes my opinion about wine and I want a new fight with wines!
unguanime 22 May, 2011
I'd say it's a decent dorama.

The characters are definitely more engaging than the ones in the manga. I've only read 2 volumes of the manga, but I think it's safe for me to say that. A good character should captivate people from the beginning. The dorama characters do that. Well, to me, it's mostly Shinohara Miyabi ^^
Though Shizuku's lack of determination is a bit annoying sometimes, it's the one that highlights Miyabi's character the most. And that Shizuku is cuter XD

About the story, I think it's a bit exaggerating at some points, but still enjoyable. It's like reading manga. My favorites are mostly shonen, but sometimes I want to read fluffy shojo manga. The same applies here.

It makes me a shipper of Naka Riisa and Kamenashi Kazuya! LOL XD
They're adorable.
The ending hug scene was a bit awkward. I heard Kame is very shy with women? (I'm still new to him) But still, cute~
ellachan 04 Dec, 2010
I think the main idea is good and the story is very interesting' but the acting in the drama wasn't that good...
But I still love kame <3
iori 04 Sep, 2010
i think it's a good drama why is the raiting is so down .
guren 03 Aug, 2010
I loved it, too. Kame was good as allways. The story was pretty interesting. Ah, but that 'Tomine Issei' was somehow creepy... :]
guren 03 Aug, 2010
I loved it, too. Kame was good as allways. The story was pretty interesting. Ah, but that 'Tomine Issei' was somehow creepy... :]
yzuko 13 Jul, 2010
i loved it. it was really really interesting. and the story... everything got to me. really nice!