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Getting Started
What is mdl?
mdl is a social network site centering around Asian culture and entertainment. Our site combines aspects of social networking with those of a wiki. It is a place for people around the world who share the same interest and passion towards Asian culture to gather and share opinions, make Asian lists and enjoy fun and refreshing relationships with people all around the globe.
How do I navigate through the layout?
There are three main panels on the website: The search above, the menu on the left and the helping guides up right.

The search is extremely advanced, allowing users to find names written in different transcription than the mdl system uses.

The menu is built out of four parts. The first one is the user navigation (links to the profile, messages, etc.) The second is lists, having all user lists on the left. The third is dedicated to he community, containing forum, your friends, and groups. Finally comes the contribution box where you can see your own contributions and add new ones to the database.

The guides are meant to help users understand how the site works better and find out about all available features. Also, the guides menu has a link to the guidelines – a very important list of rules every user must read before contributing.
User Account Management
Why should I create an account?
mdl is only partly open to those who have no account. Registering will allow you to view all the pages on the site, open a list, communicate with friends, join groups and enjoy all the features meant only for registered users. For better access and more possibilities, you should create an account. It's easy, simple and free.

Create an account now.
How do I create an account?
Through the main page or the 'register' button to left.
Does it cost money to create an account?
No. Opening an account doesn't cost money at all. mdl is a free service that allows people to create their lists free without any payment.
Can I open more accounts?
Firstly, none of the users on MDL should feel like they want to open another account because of bullying problems. If you are suffering because of another user, please let us know.

The system allows users to open up to three accounts. Users suspected of trying to cheat and evade this rule will be warned or their access to opening any other account will be removed.

Please note that none of your accounts may share the same titles. If you have more than one account, it must be used for a different purpose (for example, one account for dramas and one films). Under no circumstances are you allowed to list the same title twice using two accounts, as you are thus influencing our rating system inappropriately.

For the sake of transparency, please indicate in every account's profiles you have the other accounts and the sake of maintaining more than one accounts.

Users who repetitively try to evade this rule risk a permanent ban to their main account and removal of their list.
Can I change my username?
Currently, it is impossible.
I forgot my password, how can I restore it?
If you try to access your account but can't, you can use our restore password system by clicking on 'Can't access account?'. The system will suggest this link to you if you try to log in with false credentials.

Alternatively, you can access the password restore page directly here.
How can I change my password?
Go to 'edit' in the first part of the left bar and from there, enter your access tab. There, enter the old password, confirm it, and enter the new one.
Why do I have to provide my email address?
In case your password is lost, without a real email, you won't be able to restore and change it. Unless you provide a real email address to which you have access, you will have no means to restore your account.
How can I close my account?
There is no way to close an account already made. However, accounts not used (have nothing on their list, have no messages written and never submitted anything) for a very long while are automatically deleted.
User Profiles
What can I find on my profile?
Everything concerning you as a personal user: recent list activities, statistics, compatibility with friends, about, profile details, favorites and messages.
How can I sort my last activities?
When hovering upon the last activities, filter icons will appear. Those icons will help you get a better overview of your last activities.
How do I know what the filter icons mean?
Hovering upon the filters for a short while will reveal the meaning of the icon.
Can I go back and forth in my activities line?
Yes, by simply hovering over and using the arrows back and forth.
Can I see more information about the activity entries?
By hovering over the poster displayed for a short while, you will be able to read information regarding the entry.
What can I see in the statistics?
Percentage and numbers of certain statuses compared to the total number. Also, you are able to see the total number of titles added to your list and their numbers, as well as a total calculation of days you spent on watching them.
How does the compatibility system work?
It calculates your compatibility with your friends when you are on your profile or the compatibility with a certain user whose profile you entered, regardless if they're on your friend's list or not. Compatibility is calculated based on how many titles are shared by the two users.
User Profile Management
Where will my information be published?
We don't use any information outside the site, and therefore, only the information provided will be shown on the profile. Some of it might be available for search in the user search as well (by gender for example).
How do I change my email address?
Simply by going to your access tab and changing the address.
Why should I provide personal details?
mdl is keeping your privacy as secure as possible and therefore none of the fields is a must to fill. However, in order to find friends and be found by other users, it is for the best to fill important details such as gender, birth date and location.
What is the 'about' field for?
In order for users to figure out what person you are, you can write an introduction about yourself, mention a bit more information than in the 'personal details' field or just enter pictures and design a nice profile. Be creative!
What is the 'mood' field for?
In order to provide your friends with the most recent information regarding your mood and feelings.
What is the 'interests' field for?
This field can help a lot of users find friends who share same interests and start taking to them.
How do I change my picture?
Simply by going to 'edit' profile on the left menu, clicking on 'add image' and selecting a picture from your computer.
User Lists
How do I use my list?
When a user goes to a certain page (title, character, person, etc.) there is a category called 'Me'. Under this category the user can see his own progress (watching, on hold, not on my list, etc.). By simply clicking 'add' or 'edit' the status can be changed.

On the menu, simply by clicking on the name of the desired list (dramas, animas, people etc.) a list will appear with all entries, progress and scores. There are also helpful filters to find a certain title among those that are already on the list.
How do I delete an entry from my list?
Simply by changing the status to 'not on my list' and saving. The system works this way to prevent accidental erasure.
What do the 'filters' on my list do?
The first and very important filter can help you find a certain things located on your list. Both by using the original title and English title, you will be able to find your desired entry.

The other filters are drop down menus that allow you to filter certain information such as medium (for dramas and animas), occupation (for people) etc.
What are the statuses?
The two basic statuses are: 'on my list' or 'not on my list', those two show you whether the entry is on your list or not.

The other statuses (for example watching, on hold, dropped, completed etc.) for titles appear when an entry is added to the list.
How far can I 'abuse' the 'plan to …' status?
There are a lot of users adding hundreds of titles to their 'plan to...' status and with that slowing down the site. The 'plan to …' status is not meant for all the titles on the website. It is impossible and not reasonable to add them all since they are not going anywhere anyway.

The 'plan to...' status is meant for titles that are likely to be watched someday and should be marked somewhere in order to remember them.

Putting all titles or too many titles in your plan to watch will cause a warning and when repeated an erasure of all titles on the 'plan to...' list's status might come to question.
What is the number on the right side of the filters?
This number will lead you to a statistics window. There, you'll be able to see a full map of your statuses and the total number of entries on the list.
How does the mdl contribution system work?
mdl's database is free to modify. Any user can change the information written on title, person or character pages. The information will be sent into the merge queue and merged, rejected or modified again by the hands of the site's editors.

This user friendly system does not require any computer knowledge when used, basically providing fields that must or should be filled in order to submit the entry.
What do I need the guidelines for?
In order to submit a submission that will definitely not be rejected, you should read the guidelines and follow their instruction before you start submitting content.

If something is not clear, you can always send a message to one of the editors or staff who will gladly explain it to you.
Where can I find the guidelines?
On the upper right side of the site under 'guidelines'.

Click here to access the guidelines directly.
Where can I find my submissions?
On the menu on the left by clicking on the desired category (titles, people, characters, recommendations, etc.) within the contributions box.
How do I know when my submission got merged/rejected?
Every user gets a notification on her/his 'updates' page, under the tab 'submissions'.

Every notification will end with the username of the editor who merged/rejected your submission, with whom you will be able to get into further contact if you still have any questions.
How long do I have to wait until my submission will be reviewed?
The editors are doing their hardest to look over each and every submission. The fullness of the information provided will be of course a criteria that will influence the speed -- informational submissions will be merged first. Notes and sources provided are a second criteria.

After a time period of two months in which your submission was not merged, you are allowed to send a private message to one of the administrators and they will provide you with a reason or point the editors out they should merge your submission.
My submission was rejected, why?
There are a lot of reasons actually, but most of them are massive violation of the guidelines. In order to prevent your submissions from being rejected, we suggest to read the guidelines carefully and contact editors when something is not quite clear.

Another very popular reasons are duplicates. When submitting a double, your submission will likely be rejected.

Finally, as the editors are people as well, providing them with sources and leaving important notes is extremely important. Sometimes your submission might be rejected even though it was correct, only because of missing sources the editors could not find.

If you feel that the editor's decision was unjustified or mistaken, please send a private message to the specific editor who rejected your submission. Do not take the matter to the forums or post about it publicly.
I contacted the editor, but the matter wasn't solved.
In those circumstances, you are allowed to send a private message to one of the administrators, asking for further assistance.

We will contact both the user and editor and see how to reach a compromise that will be agreed by the two sides to be the finest solution.
What is the importance of the 'notes' field?
This field provides the editors with sources they should review in order to double check your submission. Native sources (in the native languages such as Japanese, Chinese etc. respectively) are mandatory – editors won't review English site sources.

In order help editors understand what you were thinking and what steps you went through, providing notes is very important.

If you won't provide native sources, your submission would be rejected immediately.
Do I own my contributions?
Simply said, no. You don't own any contribution made by you, but you are indeed credited for it. It means that any title, person, character or any other piece of information submitted belongs to the site. You can't request deleting it or removing it from the database because you wish it won't be there anymore. No copyrights can be claimed.
Do I own my synopsis?
No copyrights can be claimed for the synopsis field by the submitter. It means that she/he can't ask to delete or remove it. By submitting or editing a synopsis, all copyright claims are waived and the synopsis belongs to the website.

Hence, copying synopses from this website is also not allowed. We also don't copy synopses from other sources. Our written information must always be the creation of the submitter.

The same conditions apply to person and character biographies or any other originally written information provided on this website.
Can I copy synopses from other sites?
Definitely No. Even if you credit the original author, it presents us with a problem. You still have to ask for permission from the original author to post it, and even if you were granted it, they're free at their will to revoke that permission at any time. It's their stuff, after all.

We accept only hand written synopses, which are unique and made only for mdl.

The reliability of the synopsis will be checked before merged.
Can I copy synopses from mdl?

We take copyrights issues very seriously and will report about the copyrighting to your server administrators and ask to remove the synopses from your website/blog.
I found someone who copied a synopsis, what should I do?
Report immediately to one of the administrators of mdl and we will clear the issue up.
How do I find new friends?
There are a lot of different ways to meet new friends on mdl:

- Commenting on titles, people, characters etc. and starting a discussion.
Commenting on the forums and becoming active.
- Joining groups and taking part in the group's activities.
- Messaging other users on their profile.
- Using the user search to find friends.
- Joining mdl on conventions.
How do I add/edit a relationship with a friend?
On a user's profile, under their profile picture, you are able to 'add a user to your list'. Simply by clicking 'add' or 'edit' you can modify the relationship.
How do I delete a relationship with a friend?
Simply by changing the status to 'not on my list' and saving. The system works this way to prevent accidental erasure.
How do I use the forums?
The upper part of the forums always shows last messages for people, titles and forums. At the bottom you can see users currently online on the website and general statistics.
What is the friends page?
The friends page basically redirects you to the user search, including only users who are your friends. You can check 'online' status and see your friends who are currently online.
How do I use the groups system?
How can I open a new group?
By filling the new group form, your request will be reviews by a controller and accepted / rejected according to the guidelines.

Click here to open a new group.
How can I leave a group?
On the group's page, click on 'edit membership' and change your status to 'not in group'.
How can I report an inactive group or inactive group leader?
By pressing the 'report' button and choosing the right category.
I don't want to be a group leader anymore, what should I do?
How can I change the group information?
Only the group leaders can change the information provided under 'about'.
How can I delete a group?
Messaging system
How can I message someone?
By going to a user's profile and leaving a message on their wall, the user gets a notification in his inbox.
Can I message users without going to their profile?
Yes, definitely. You can click 'compose' on the menu on the left (near the 'messages') and pick a user from the drop down list.

The people displayed on this drop down list would be only those from whom you have received a message before. This system was created to prevent users from sending spam messages randomly to each other.

In order to write a message to a user you have never written to before, you'll have to go to their profile.
How does my messages panel work?
All conversations with users are displayed under the 'inbox' tab. A simply click will open all messages written and received from a certain person.

The conversations are ordered by the last time they were active. Meaning that newly received messages will be first and inactive conversations would stand last. Conversations containing a new message would be marked in bold.

The second tab, 'sent', stands for the sent messages. Messages that weren't reviewed by your friends will be in bold, and that way you will be able to check whether they have read your message or yet to do so.

Also, the filters in your messages panel will allow you to search for a certain conversation with a user to spare time browsing through the whole list.
How can I send a mass message?
The messaging system allows you not only to send a message to one person only, but to pick a few users to send a message to. Separate the desired usernames with ; between each one.
How can I delete a message?
A user can delete a message by using the 'delete' option.
Favorites system
How does the favorite system work?
A user can create their own favorite list displayed on their profile. By adding an entry to your favorites it automatically sorts the entry by type (drama, anima, person, character).
What is the maximum favorites I can add per type?
The maximum favorites for each type are six.
Where can I find my reviews?
The reviews can be found on your profile. under the tab 'reviews'.
What will my reviews be used for?
The reviews you write won't only be used to share with your friends, but also serve as a real time reviews for the title. A reviews controller will go daily over entries made by users and pick those that meet the guidelines and publish them on the entry's page.
Using The Website
What browsers are supported by mdl?
We've tested the website with: Firefox version at least version 5, Chrome at least version 12 Chromium at least version 12 and Opera 11.50.

You are welcome to use other browsers as well, however we haven't tested them. We won't be able to help in case of bugs in exotic, out of date or older versions of browsers, although we'll always try our best to correct reported bugs in Safari.
Each time I enter mdl, I have to log in, what can I do?
By checking the 'remember me' box you will be able to stay online for two weeks. This is done for your account's safety.
What is the reporting system?
Almost on every page on the upper right corner, a report bottom can be found. This is to prevent inappropriate information and messages from leaking into the website.

The database is open and even though editors look around the Internet to try and prevent information that does not fit the site, they can't always guarantee that such information wont accidentally get merged.

By clicking it and reporting offensive content (messages, entries, etc.) each user helps creating a safe zone to surf and enjoy mdl.
What is the deleting system?
Only minimal content can be deleted by users:

- Deleting messages written on your wall.
- Deleting the last message written by you.
How can I report bugs?
Currently, the report system works only for offensive content. To report a bug you should follow this link. Leave a comment describing the difficulty you are experiencing (additional screen shot might help).

We will answer you as soon as possible.
How can I suggest a feature?
Follow this link and leave a comment with the most detailed feature description you can provide.

Four types of replies can be given to you (usually):
- The feature is already planned.
- The feature was/is rejected.
- The feature will be discussed.
- The feature is accepted.

The two replies (rejected and already planned) will be given really fast in a time period of a few days.

However, if your feature will be discussed, it might have take a bit more than a week until we will meet our final decision. Don't try to rush and get your answer, wait patiently for us to think of a good way to accomplish and modify your feature suggestion to the MDL system.

Of course, even after the feature was discussed, we might decide to reject it.

If you wish to lead any further discussion regarding your feature, you can contact any of the administrators using a private message on their profile.
The picture is not changing, why?
Your browser is probably caching the old picture. Refresh your cache by hitting ctrl + r.
Forum Rules
Forum rules
When using the forum and the comments feature on drama, person or character pages, please adhere to the following rules.

- Be polite.
- Be considerate of other users' opinion.
- Don't be culture centric (typically yours) in assuming things about others when discussing.
- Do not spam (see the section about spam for more information)
- No racist comments or other derogatory comments are allowed, or comments that are based on something a person can't change about themselves; generally, negative personal comments should be kept to the outmost minimum. 'Racist' refers here to usage that is considered globally offensive. For example, the term 'Jap' generally has only negative connotations in the US; in other parts of the world it is relatively contextfree. In that respect, mdl has no problem with it when used as an abbreviation of 'Japanese'.
What is spam?
Spam is considered anything that is inappropriate by general netiquette rules, as well as additional things.

- Do not, under any circumstances, post links to sources featuring illegal content such as online streaming and downloads. We do not support the act of downloading. Users will be warned three times regarding such an issue before their account is barred from posting any comments at all.
- Do not, under any circumstances, post requests for sources featuring illegal content such as online streaming and downloads. Do not post messages that will drive other users to reply you with links to illegal streaming or download sources. We do not support the act of downloading. Users will be warned three times regarding such an issue before their account is barred from posting any comments at all.
- Do not post random pictures that have nothing to do with the topic of discussion. In particular, random postings just made for the sake of posting are frowned upon, as well as comments with no significant content like 'yeah'. mdl does not count the amount of posts you make and there is no competition to see who posts the most.
- Do not post messages unrelated to the discussion topic. Unrelated messages are to be deleted or reported by the site's users. Do not derail topics.
- Do not post links or texts or discuss content which is widely considered illegal on the Internet, like recipes how to make bombs or child pornography. In such cases, mdl reserves itself the right to close and remove any accounts participating in such activity, immediately and without any warning.
- Do not impose or pretend to be someone else or talk in their stead. Every user account is responsible exactly for what they post. 'Images' brought forth as 'evidence' of what one user may have said count as nothing. The database is the only reliable source when solving inter users issues.
- Do not use derogatory language, flame other users, or use any form of Internet language or abbreviations beyond the necessary minimum. If you discuss, make it seriously.
- Do not comment about content. Do not leave comments about wrong title, person or character pictures, about wrong or missing data and roles. Either get to work and submit them yourself / correct the alleged errors, or report the issue using the report buttons.
- Do not post messages regarding your personal liking of the poster / picture featured on the various pages. Get to work and submit it yourself.
- Do not leave comments requesting other users to add content for you or modify it. Get to work and submit it yourself.
- Do not spoil the fun for other users. In particular, use the spoiler tags whenever possible when talking about interesting details of a title which may be significant to the plot. See also the section about using spoiler tags.

Generally, consider that you may be reported by other users. If three consequent reports against comments you published are accepted by the mdl staff, you will be temporarily, and in worse cases, permanently barred from leaving comments at all on any page in the site.
Report button
The report button is there to be used. Anything that looks weird to you, anything that is wrong may be reported. When you report on something, there are several options to choose from. Choose the most appropriate one, or select 'other'.

Whatever chosen, you have to provide a reason. Please note that if you try to leave this field empty by entering a '.' or a '-', your report is likely to be completely ignored, even if correct. You have to write, at least in short words, what is the problem and why you reported.

Please do not overuse this feature. Three reports rejected subsequently will result to you being barred from using the report system for a week.
Why use spoiler tag?
The spoiler tag is generally there to avoid spoiling the fun for other users by revealing important parts of plots to them.

Spoiling is something most users are averse to, as it's irreversible and may sometimes cause a user who's been exposed to a spoiler to quit watching, reading or playing something completely.

Please use spoiler tags as much as possible when talking about series.