ESC to close 3.84 (by 5722 users)nobuta. wo produce
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nobuta. wo produce
literal Producing Nobuta
aka makeover, nobuta wo produce


genres comedy, life, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 15 Oct, 2005 - 17 Dec, 2005
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 5722 users
total users 7648
rating 21984
favorites 851



Kiritani Shuuji is without a doubt the most popular boy at his high school. Well liked by mostly everyone, his life appears perfect. But to Shuuji, popularity is merely a game -- it comes easily to him and is comfortable. Despite being careful as to not jeopardise it, he acknowledges that it holds no true value for him. His polar opposite, the hyperactive soy milk addicted Kusano Akira, could care better about being popular himself -- something that seems to unnerve Shuuji. When an introverted girl by the name of Kotani Nobuko transfers into their class, the unexpected team of Shuuji and Akira name her 'Nobuta', suddenly deciding to take hold of their youth and secretly 'produce' her into the most popular girl in school. The result is the efforts of these three unlikely friends as they begin to learn the difference between popularity and truly having someone to rely upon.




Kiritani Shuuji
Kusano Akira
Kotani Nobuko
Uehara Mariko
Yokoyama Takeshi
Kiritani Satoru


original creator


10 Jun, 2010
I watched this drama because it was so famous and I heard that it was so funny and such. After finishing this drama I was disappointed, though.

Firstly, there were so many things, which were supposed to be funny, but which I didn't find funny at all. A bit too over the top, I'd say. Then, things got a little dramatic for me at some point. (What's with that Nobuta's "friend"??)

I didn't like the girl Nobuta, her character was just too emo and boring for me. Shuuji was cool, I liked him. And Akira! Woah, first he was sooooo annoying. I thought he was gay and liked Shuuji. But as I watched the drama, I started to like him. "Akira schock" is just soo cute! Haha. And that exactly made me interested in the actor, Yamapi. Overall, this drama is overrated but watchable.
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Even while it's not the main theme in Yamada Tarou Monogatari, both series show the development of a friendship between two guys and a girl that don't have anything to do with each in the beginning, but somehow end up understanding and helping each other. And the two males are Johnny's boys in both shows.
In both, the heroine is an isolated, introverted girl, with complexes about her looks. In both, due to various reasons, she becomes the center of attention, surrounded by the most popular boys in school/college, who want to transform her from dark and gloomy to the most popular girl in school.In both Kamenashi Kazuya plays the male lead.


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etoile 19 Mar, 2016
maybe it's me being too old for this drama but it's not nearly as good as it's made to be. it's hard to connect with characters when they're so cartoonish.
archiejowist 18 May, 2015
@gangnamstyle Well, I was scared as hell they won't do that - this ending was so perfect I was crying the whole time with a gratitude for the writer.
Friendship much more valuable than a mere school love - this is what made me love this drama to no end.
archiejowist 18 May, 2015
It was so beautiful I cried like a crazy. People says that they are disappointed with this ending and stuff but I was so happy with the last episode - it made it even more valuable for me. I love how this drama showed as a deep friendship and I adore their brotherhood to the point of crying, seriously. In korean dramas the best bromance was in "School 2013" but in japanese dramas it has to be this one. And the OST was perfect, btw.
damedame 25 Oct, 2013
Yeah, it was a good drama. Sometimes I wish it took itself more seriously though...
what's with the "living spirits" story? lol

Still, it was great. If you enjoy high school dramas, give it a try.
tensai420 07 Jul, 2013
i think this was a relly good drama , focusing on friendship and teaching us life cant be perfect :) , very bitter sweet.
daredaniel 08 May, 2013

bros over hoes
kuroikaras 21 Jan, 2013
Es war sehr sehr gut. Ich habe alle episoden genossen!! Guter ending, und Kamenashi war schon wieder fabelhaft! : )
gangnamstyle 09 Jan, 2013
This drama teaches you how much friendship is important. Wonderful drama,the ending was kinda disappointing.

They left Nobuta alone,WTF?!