ESC to close 3.11 (by 523 users)beautiful life: futari de ita hibi
  • 2000
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized beautiful life: futari de ita hibi
english Beautiful Life: Days Spent Together (literal)


genres life, romance, illness


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 16 Jan, 2000 - 26 Mar, 2000
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Sunday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.11 of 5 by 523 users
total users 819
rating 1625
favorites 23



Okishima Shuuji is the rising star of the hottest hair salon 'Hot Lip' and is next in line for the utmost magazine publicity against his rival Kawamura Satoru. Because of a misunderstanding, he ends up meeting the beautiful and optimistic Machida Kyoko who, despite her constant smile, is bound to her wheelchair. It is the story of their life and love, and the constant rivalry from his coworkers and her overprotective family.




Okishima Shuuji
Machida Kyouko
Machida Masao
Kawamura Satoru
Tamura Sachie
Okabe Takumi


producer, director



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kirtil 01 Nov, 2016

Different tastes seems about right.

One of the great things about this medium is a lot of people will watch the same thing and will draw out/take that many different things from it. indeed there was a bit in 1 litre of tears, in one of the "after-scenes" I mentioned before, where;

it became clear that Aya-chan could not continue on her old school and had to be enrolled to a specialized education center, and her soon to be old classmates surprised her with thousands of paper cranes. In her diary she wrote something like "I was so moved with the gesture but instead of paper cranes, I secretly wished for just one of them to ask me to not go.." . My heart broke for the real Aya-chan, the little girl who started to learn about real human nature and slowly became aware of her place and the acceptance of her friends.

From the actual drama tho; most I remember are lots and lots of crying. and cheese..

Thinking about Beautiful Life, you are correct; it can be perceived as pretty much nothing but a sad and destined to end bad love story. These kind of stories are almost always a variation of 1970s Love story (maybe it is also a variation of something older idk) anyways. The things that stuck with me was not the story tho, it was the way the drama depicted the perceptions of a disabled person. So in that regard, I consider Beautiful Life as Okishima Shuuji's journey to understanding the struggles of disabled persons.

There was a scene where on a date they came upon a blocked road due to come construction and how something so very common, so very simple and normally so very unimportant threatened to ruin the date.
In another scene Okishima Shuuji notices the difference in their perceptions of the world around them, because of her wheelchair; she will never see the world as he does. Maybe you need to be into photography to really understand the significance.

//Edited to add spoiler tags just in case.
keepingbreath 01 Nov, 2016
>Other than that everything in that drama was indeed aimed at squeezing tears from the story..

Both dramas are aimed at squeezing tears, that's the genre. But the point was in that "Beautiful Life" is all about only overdramatic love story and nothing more. The girl's disease is just a background to make romantic twists more exciting and sadder. The only thing that Kyouko is worried about - she can't be ever forever together with this cool guy on motorcycle.
"1 litre of tears" hasn't this romantic orientation. It is really about girls' ilness, awareness of her place in life, acceptance by friends, collective, society, the inability to be a mother and a wife. For me it's more deeper than Kyoko's romantic reflections.
In the end it's all about taste. Kitagawa Eriko's scenarios largely are too "soap operas" for me.
kirtil 01 Nov, 2016
>Don't agree. After "1 litre of tears" this.....

Don't agree. Only thing that sets apart 1 liter of tears was the picture collage bit at the end with the voice over reading from diary parts. Other than that everything in that drama was indeed aimed at squeezing tears from the story..

I rated both as masterpieces but that was more about the impressions/feelings I got when I first watched them than the actual quality of the titles themselves. I highly doubt I'd have rated the same if I watched them now, but as far as I remember beautiful life was the better of the two.

Comparing (only) Kitagawa Eriko and Egashira Michiru; I'd pick works of Eriko-san over his any day of the week.
keepingbreath 31 Oct, 2016
>if you liked 1 litre of tears you will surely love this.

Don't agree. After "1 litre of tears" this drama seems too cheapjack, aimed at squeezing tears from melodramatic love story. "1 litre of tears" was more about overcoming human himself, philosophical and inspiring, not about romantic line between a girl with a disability and a cool guy.
Anyway I'm Kimura trash so I spent time admiring his hairstyle.
kasumii 06 Sep, 2013
if you liked 1 litre of tears you will surely love this.
barbster 17 Jul, 2013
mikku77 05 Aug, 2011
kind of beautiful drama with lot of emotion.. but i do agree that M. K.'s character was annoying to some extend (and yet understandable).. but i find all the characters she plays annoying n therefore it was not a surprise 4me ;)
xdsmile 03 Jun, 2010
Just finished it ^.^
I liked the end especially when he opened a new salon next to the beach.
It was great that he fulfilled their dream T^T