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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized another
aka anazaa

Based On

based on book
title another
author Ayatsuji Yukito (綾辻行人)


genres drama, horror, mystery, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network KNB
by P.A. Works (ピーエーワークス)


date 10 Jan, 2012 - 27 Mar, 2012
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 01:35 - 02:05
status released


avg. score 3.82 of 5 by 623 users
total users 999
rating 2378
favorites 51


2012 film jp
same setting
another: the other -inga-
2012 video jp


When Misaki died, his classmates couldn't accept it and pretended he was still alive. Twenty six years later, Sakakibara Kouichi, a transfer student, witnesses the strange behaviour of his new classmates: they all seem to ignore a mysterious girl named Misaki, who always sits alone and draws pictures.






producer, planner
original creator


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29 Apr, 2016
Both share a creepy, mysterious atmosphere that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable by creating tension and suspense.
In Another and Dansai Bunri no Kuraimu Ejji, both main, male leads notice a girl who is excluded from those around her. Both are interested in finding out why and so they seek out the girl more, but others are being opposed to this happening. Both series are dark, but also enjoyable to people who don't usually watch psychological and dark animations. You will notice more similarities as the main plot and the characters unfold. The main, male characters decide that they will be there for the girl, even if it gets themselves hurt in the process. And from this, new events unfold no one would have expected.


'Another' TV Animation's PV Streamed Random chan 7 posts 01 Dec, 2011 by Random chan
The series will center around a horror novel with the same name, 'another', about a boy transferring into a school where a girl had died in the past. The...


nanuklein 07 Aug, 2013
After finishing it...well it wasn't bad...I guess.


It's a bit dragging. Problem is that the first few eps just take too much time to get into the story, and I fear that there won't be enough episodes or time to fully extend the potential of this story. But lets see...
dodi1d 17 Jun, 2013
The story is interesting! this is my first horror anime, it's not bad i enjoyed it
but there is too much blood!
9miho 28 May, 2013
Well I enjoyed it a lot... :)
Definitely need to get myself a copy of the novel
spluffen 18 Oct, 2012
First half was deliberately paced, nice and sublime like a French movie but then it lost track.
vanityfull 18 Sep, 2012
The ending of episode 3!!! totally didn't expect it!
yuna 15 Sep, 2012
The general idea was interesting, but the last two episodes were kind of dumb (?). Don't know how does it relate to novel tho, but definitely didn't like it.
The way they were killing each other reminded me of Battle Royale :P
piiyan 26 Jun, 2012
It was a good one, up to the point Random chan mentions in the spoiler, I totally agree. It was too much for me, but other than that, the story was quite interesting.
Random chan 12 Apr, 2012
nah, I didn't particularly like it. I guess it was neat in a way and adapted the novel in a nice way, but i find the characters emotionless and therefore very hard to relate to
At the end, when they killed each other, I just saw figures trying to stab each other and a lot of blood. Suspense was rather off because of this. I had no reason to be worried about characters I don't particularly care for :P