ESC to close 3.26 (by 1059 users)full house: take 2
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan, Korea

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romanized full house: take 2
aka Full House 2, furuhausu: teiku 2, pulhauseu: teikeu 2, 풀하우스 TAKE 2, フルハウスTAKE2, フルハウステイク2


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Japan, Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS Plus


date 22 Oct, 2012 - 13 Dec, 2012
episodes 32
duration 30 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
at 12:30 - 13:00
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 1059 users
total users 1924
rating 3451
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full house
2004 TV kr


'Take One' is currently the most popular pop duo of South Korea, having fans all around Asia. But its members couldn't be less different: Lee Tae Ik is spoiled, ill mannered and allergic to all kinds of fabric, immediately fainting when he gets in touch with the wrong textile. Won Gwang Hwi on the other hand is stylish, lively and friendly. The only character trait the two of them have in common, is being totally full of themselves, which leads to continuous clashes among the team.

Jang Man Ok lost her parents at the age of five and is now living with her grandfather, a famous Hapkido master, who educates and treats Man Ok like a boy. The young woman finally sees her chance to become a fashion designer when her grandfather goes on an overseas trip and leaves her at home to watch the Hapkido school.

But nothing goes as planned and Man Ok sees herself repeatedly confronted with the two idols, slowing learning about their past and their true motives of becoming a singer.




Lee Tae Ik
Jang Man Ok
Won Gang Hwi
Jin Se Ryeong
Bae Go Dong


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21 Mar, 2013
Take One is a very famous idol group, consisting of Lee Tae Ik and Won Gang Hwi. They are popular and seem like best friends. But behind the scenes they fight a lot and especially Tae Ik is a person that doesn't get along with anybody easily. He meets Jang Man Ok, the master of a Taekwondo studio and so her destiny entagles with Take One. She becomes their stylist and she gets dragged in the problems of the two boys more and more, even starts to live with them in "Full House"...

I didn't expect too much of the drama, because of comments about it everywhere, because of the first season of Full House and because of the easy storyline. I was right in expecting not too much, but I have to say thanks to that I did really enjoy it a lot!

Tae Ik is a nice character, that everybody already adored in other dramas. He reminded me a lot of Jang Geun Suk in You're Beautiful. As well as of Domiyouji in Hana Yori Dango etc. Arrogant, picky, full of himself. But instead of changing too much during the show, he was a steady character. I liked that a lot about him. The actor should maybe try and eat a bit more, but I still enjoyed looking at him a lot.

Jang Man Ok is the classical power girl, poor and strong, able to fight everything off and is probably the only girl in the whole world that can endure the harrassment of Lee Tae Ik. I actually liked the actress and her styling and especially how she was raised. She did will with all the problems she had to deal with and I never got annyed by her. I think I really like her.

Last but not least there was Gang Hwi. He is cute and at the same time annoying. He reminds me a lot of Nichkhun... I thought his character might be a bit unfinished, but in the end I didn't feel like there was something missing. He was a good guy and did a lot to the story. At least if you compare him to Se Ryeong. I don't know why she was there, what she did and why she had to annoy me so much. The bad guy in the story obviously was LJ, so why was there that random girl without character going around and annoying me and Man Ok? She didn't fit and it was the only thing I really really disliked about the drama. She felt displaced. I think I would even dare to say they only added her because they wanted to keep the balance of 2 male leads, 2 female leads... But that's useless. Don't go back to that klisché, please. It was unfit for the drama.

And finally another good point: I really was asking myself why this drama was named Full House. Of course because it's seemingly the second season of Full House, but where was that full house? Only because that stupid building hast that name? NO! It's better! I love how they described it in the end.

So, for me, it's 4*. I can't say I completely love it, but I really enjoyed it. It was fun and nice to watch. Nothing heavy again, since I enjoy those kind of dramas in stressful times, but still enjoyable. Lot's of fluffy romance and a story that fed my fangril needs.
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yamapixluver43735 26 Feb, 2018
This was fun and had some pretty good twists even. It was a very predictable storyline, but that's not always a bad thing! I did enjoy it and thankfully it even ended well!
ryofanka 30 Sep, 2015
Once you get over Man Ok's and Tae Ik ridicules hair styles and fashion the drama was quiet good.
I loved it that the episodes where 30 min each which made it easier for me to watch.
Also I must have been a sucker for this kind of rom com dramas ;)

The ending...
was cute, I don't know why but at the end I could see more chemistry between Gang Hwi and Man Ok the then Man Ok and Tae Ik :( and also the last kiss was kind of forced and it look like Man Ok was trying so hard not to laughing so in the end the kissing scene between Tae Ik and Gang Hwi was way hotter then the one between Man Ok and Tae Ik

But over all I liked it :)
missiealice 12 Sep, 2015
Eu honestamente gostei bastante desse dorama. Não entendo falarem tão mal do cabelo da protagonista, você precisa ver de um ponto de vista moderno, e ela é uma estilista, as roupas são legais, e se você analisar o conjunto ela está fofa. Só porque é diferente geral estranha, parece que esperam aquele cabelo liso em todas as tramas... Vamos abrir mais a mente, gente.
Sobre o dorama, me agrada a trama, o desenvolvimento dos protagonistas, etc... Não é aquele "WoW, que dorama!", mas é algo leve, fofo, fácil de assistir, um cenário de ídolos que é agradável, até mostrando levemente alguns lados negros dessa indústria... Se procuram do tipo, podem ver sem medo.
Ah, pra quem gosta do estilo, o No Min Woo é um colírio a parte. Adoro o estilo dele, tanto da personagem quanto do próprio ator. E Park Ki Woong, que faz o Kang Hwi, é um excelente ator. Pode não surpreender tanto nesse dorama, mas quem tiver algum interesse, vejam ele em Gaksital, como um dos protagonistas. Um arraso total! Fica a dica pros dorameiros BRs.
junhyungs 17 Oct, 2014
Man Ok's syles' terrible but i like the story. I finished in three days, it's a good one.
limenora 04 Oct, 2014
The hairstyles are awful, and Jang Man Ok's style is horrible...:D:D But I kind of liked the story, it's was enjoyable. Not a masterpiece, but I finished it in a week, so it wasn't boring for me.
But the struggle is real...
How can the kiss scene between Kang Hwi and Tae Ik be much better than all the kiss scenes with Tae Ik and Man Ok? Aaaahh...
dramalove3 15 Mar, 2014
not really boring to me, it is a masterpiece for me! :3
sillysym 26 Feb, 2014
boring boring boooooring
kamilles 27 Dec, 2013
i haven't watched the first season yet, and I enjoyed this drama a lot. Not the best one, but it was quick and easy to watch.