ESC to close 3.36 (by 1318 users)switch girl!!
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized switch girl!!
aka suicchi gaaru!!

Based On

based on manga
title switch girl!!
author Aida Natsumi (あいだ夏波)


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV Two (フジテレビTWO)


date 24 Dec, 2011 - 11 Feb, 2012
episodes 8
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:30 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 1318 users
total users 2153
rating 4434
favorites 29


switch girl!! 2
2012 TV jp


Nika is a high school girl who, when she goes out, acts very stylish with her makeup and clothes done up with perfect fashion sense. At home, however, she is the complete opposite, sporting glasses and a jersey to go with a totally uncool demeanor. She is called the "switch girl" because she has the ability to freely and seamlessly switch between her "ON" mode (stylish self) and her "OFF" mode (unstylish self). However, interesting things will begin to happen when male transfer student Arata enters the picture and she attempts to hide her "OFF" mode from him.




Kamiyama Arata
Tamiya Nika
Jougasaki Reika
Kizaki Meika
Hirota Masamune


singer, narrator
original creator


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30 Oct, 2013
Switch Girl is a drama in the vein of Nodame Cantabile - a show that tackles semi-serious issues (such as the stress of being a teen) but in an outlandish, anime-style vein. The show has the exaggerated expressions and cartoon effects of an anime. So it's fun to watch, but becomes almost asynchronous when attempting to become more serious; it feels like split- personality.

And with a short running time of about 4 hours total, plot lines appear and resolve super fast. So on one hand, nothing drags on ad infintum but the issues also don't seem as serious as their made to be if they get resolved in so quickly and so simply.

Verdict? A fun watch if you want something silly, fluffy and not to be taken seriously. Just leave your brain at the door and you'll enjoy.
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03 Feb, 2012
Hotaru no Hikari is what happens when a "switch girl" grows up. They're both basically the same sloppy, unattractive lazy girl/woman who changes looks completely into a beautiful girl/woman when they're not at home.


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The drama series "Switch Girl!!", which starred Nishiuchi Mariya as its lead character, is to be broadcast in France on KZTV starting in July, 2012. To go wit...
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dodii 31 Jan, 2016
This made my day hahaha, funny & lovely :)
thekoikoi 03 Jun, 2015
Yeah it was funny at times but the lack of seriousness is boring too. The stupid situations they got through... Omg, how did I make it to chapter 5?
Anyway, dunno if i'm the only one thinking this but her character looks like she smells really awful... Just sayin'.
aqu135 27 Nov, 2014
it was funny, but the last two episodes spoiled it for me
junho1582 03 Oct, 2014
This drama is not to take seriously, so if you just watch it to have some fun, it's perfect! I loved the comedy, though it was a bit annoying at times. Overall I'm glad I watched it and will start season two as soon as I can! :D
himitsux33 29 Jul, 2014
After having read the manga, I started watching this drama with high expectations. And well, maybe they were too high.

The whole idea of switching between the "ON" and "OFF" modes is already good itself, but unfortunately it's not used well in this drama. Yes, we see Nika in her "OFF" mode sometimes, but most of the time she's in her "ON" mode, trying to hide her true identity. So in the end, the plot isn't so great. We only get to see some stupid and irrational situations mixed with the "romance" between Arata and Nika. Because can we really call it a "romance"? They fall for each other so randomly that it's just hard to watch. For example, only one friendly smile from Arata is enough to make Nika fall in love with the guy, and vice versa. Their relationship is just ridiculous.

Nika is kind of annoying and has a strong sense of justice, as almost every character created by the Japanese. Although I don't know which Nika is more annoying, the one in the "ON" or the "OFF" mode. Nika in her "ON" mode tries so hard to be perfect and flawless, which is irritating. On the other hand, Nika's true self acts as if farting and getting rid of unwanted body hair is something forbidden, unnatural. Really now? Then I must be some kind of a monster since I fart when I'm alone, I shave unwanted body hair, and I don't want the product I bought to waste so I cut the package open to use what's left in it. Also, her "OFF" mode isn't even that bad. She just tends to dress herself weirdly. And her hairstyle is ugly.
As for the acting, I really couldn't stand Nishiuchi Mariya's. Her facial expressions were odd, her way of talking was annoying, and her body gestures were just ridiculous.

Fortunately, Arata isn't as annoying as Nika, but he seriously needs to stop with his "two personalities" shiet. One day he's nice and sweet, only to switch to his "I'm a cold guy" mode the next day. And he's a really great-and-caring boyfriend considering he does nothing when the situation with the evil teacher occurs. You have a great taste in men, Nika.

Overall, it's not a long drama, so if you have some time to spare, are really bored and aren't afraid of Nishiuchi Mariya's bad acting skills, you may want to give this drama a chance. Who knows, maybe you'll like it more than I did?
d0npian0 27 Mar, 2014
The comedy part was genius but the romance part was a bit too cheesy for my liking.
yaya 30 Nov, 2013
just starting it, but sometimes she looks like a guy O.o xD
beautifur 18 Nov, 2013
Funniest drama I've ever watched!!