ESC to close 3.36 (by 1318 users)switch girl!!
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized switch girl!!
aka suicchi gaaru!!

Based On

based on manga
title switch girl!!
author Aida Natsumi (あいだ夏波)


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV Two (フジテレビTWO)


date 24 Dec, 2011 - 11 Feb, 2012
episodes 8
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:30 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 1318 users
total users 2153
rating 4434
favorites 29


switch girl!! 2
2012 TV jp


Nika is a high school girl who, when she goes out, acts very stylish with her makeup and clothes done up with perfect fashion sense. At home, however, she is the complete opposite, sporting glasses and a jersey to go with a totally uncool demeanor. She is called the "switch girl" because she has the ability to freely and seamlessly switch between her "ON" mode (stylish self) and her "OFF" mode (unstylish self). However, interesting things will begin to happen when male transfer student Arata enters the picture and she attempts to hide her "OFF" mode from him.




Kamiyama Arata
Tamiya Nika
Jougasaki Reika
Kizaki Meika
Hirota Masamune


singer, narrator
original creator


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30 Oct, 2013
Switch Girl is a drama in the vein of Nodame Cantabile - a show that tackles semi-serious issues (such as the stress of being a teen) but in an outlandish, anime-style vein. The show has the exaggerated expressions and cartoon effects of an anime. So it's fun to watch, but becomes almost asynchronous when attempting to become more serious; it feels like split- personality.

And with a short running time of about 4 hours total, plot lines appear and resolve super fast. So on one hand, nothing drags on ad infintum but the issues also don't seem as serious as their made to be if they get resolved in so quickly and so simply.

Verdict? A fun watch if you want something silly, fluffy and not to be taken seriously. Just leave your brain at the door and you'll enjoy.
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03 Feb, 2012
Hotaru no Hikari is what happens when a "switch girl" grows up. They're both basically the same sloppy, unattractive lazy girl/woman who changes looks completely into a beautiful girl/woman when they're not at home.


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The drama series "Switch Girl!!", which starred Nishiuchi Mariya as its lead character, is to be broadcast in France on KZTV starting in July, 2012. To go wit...
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monjaelisa 07 Dec, 2012
OMG, I Can't wait for the secound season.. the first one was so cute.. ^^
natsumi5577 07 Dec, 2012
It started :D second season...if someone know where we can see it PM me please :D
yumichan86 18 Nov, 2012
the second season is starting in December!!!!!!!!!!!
anio 24 Sep, 2012
It was awesome! Dorky and the actors was really good too.
ally 14 Aug, 2012
Dorky and funny, but not really good.
p3rk3le 11 Aug, 2012
this drama was awesome!! 8 eps were not enough, i'd watch it even as series, lots and lots more!! :D
sotiffany 27 Jul, 2012
Too bad it had only 8 episodes! It was one of the most funny stories I've watched for a very very long time. I hope they will make a sequel to it witht the same actory and director. I'm sure it would be as great as this one ^_^
yumichan86 24 Jul, 2012
I love this Drama!!!!!!!
It is so funny, i hope they make more dramas like this.