ESC to close 3.8 (by 1423 users)crows zero 2
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized crows zero 2
aka クローズZEROII, kuroozu zero 2

Based On

based on manga


genres action


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 11 Apr, 2009
duration 133 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.8 of 5 by 1423 users
total users 2196
rating 5407
favorites 71


crows zero
2007 film jp
crows explode
2014 film jp


Eight months after the events of the first movie, Genji will soon graduate, but he must settle a last affair with a rival school.




Narumi Taiga
Takiya Genji
Serizawa Tamao
Tatsukawa Tokio
Tsutsumoto Shouji
Washio Gouta


producer, screenwriter
original creator


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junho1582 09 Feb, 2011
Mostly PWP fighting and this was what I was expecting from it and my expectations were fullfilled :D
If you can even talk about plot here, it got more than the first movie imo.
Fighting scenes were beautiful to watch. Love it.
komorebi 24 Oct, 2010
An okay movie again, but the plot was way too flat in this one too.
Or rather, it was too long for the fact that they were doing nothing but fighting all the time.
I got bored again. Still, good movie and I like the soundtrack as well.
genosan 23 Aug, 2010
Once again it was a fantastic film that pretty much began from where the first film left off. I thought the fighting was once again the best part and especially the fact that Tokio fought this time. The invaison of Housen I felt set up a new dimension to the fighting which normally took place upon open fields.

Plotwise I felt it was pretty predictable with the two schools and one wanting revenge but it played it well. The side plot with the Yakuza was much better than the first film as it expanded to have a more active involvement for a change.

The ending to the film leaves it on a cliff hanger once again but also it gives the impression that there will not be a sequel due to the main characters graduating and leaving Suzuran. I feel the ending allowed the viewer to come to their own conclusions of who won in the end out of Rindaman and Genji and will allow it to stick in the mind.

Throughout all the fighting I found it amazing on how they played the ongoing joke of Makise and him striking out with girls and actually making it into a good comedy scene which allowed the viewer a break from the seriousness of the plotline.

The only things that I didn't like about it was Katagiri's lack of involvement which is a huge contrast from the main character status he enjoyed in the first film. I also would have liked Bitous Tatsuya to maybe have played a more active role in the story but in a way it also leaves him to be a mystery character and also a way to end the film on a cliff hanger.

Overall I think it was a good film that expanded to a much larger plot scale and while it kept up its high standard of combat scenes it also managed to once again insert a comedy element all the while not belittling the seriousness by inserting too much of it.
mikomi0e 08 Aug, 2010
As good as the first movie.

And I'm sure there will be a third movie. Just call it woman instinct. xD
daredaniel 27 Jul, 2010
The first one was better than this...but it is surprising too that for all the simplicity in its storyline, it still managed to extend itself to more than two hours. Once again, the fight scenes were awesome and that's what really matters.
flcl 18 Jul, 2010
Lack of plot too, but I guess the fights are most important for this movie and they were beautiful to watch.

Soundtrack was nice too.
anitnelav 08 Jul, 2010
The quality was a bit dodgy, but.. IT WAS STILL AWESOME. :>
thefreak 04 Jun, 2010
Blood, blood, blood,
Don't wear a white T-shirt when you plan to fight Suzuran XD
Great and interesting movie without much plot but a lot of good fighting scenes.