ESC to close 3.89 (by 1327 users)nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou zenpen
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou zenpen
english Nodame Cantabile The Movie I
literal Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score

Based On

based on manga
title nodame cantabile (のだめカンタービレ)
author Ninomiya Tomoko (二ノ宮知子)


genres comedy, life, school, friendship, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 19 Dec, 2009
duration 121 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.89 of 5 by 1327 users
total users 2260
rating 5165
favorites 32


nodame cantabile shinshun special in europe
2008 TV jp
nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou kouhen
2010 film jp


Whilst in Paris, conducting prodigy Shinichi Chiaki gets offered a job as conductor for the Roux Marle Orchestra. However, he has his work cut out for him, with a dwindling audience, lack of funding, unenthusiatic musicians and a concert master who insists on running the show. Meanwhile, his next-door neighbour and 'girlfriend' Noda Megumi is struggling at her piano lessons, desperate to play in competitions but denied by her teacher Charles Auclair. As Chiaki becomes ever more famous, Nodame feels he is getting further and further out of her reach...


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Noda Megumi
Chiaki Shinichi
Franz Von Stresemann
Son Rui
Tatiana Vishnyova


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kiyoshi 08 Aug, 2011
There were some very funny moments, (especially at the end), but I'm disappointed.
kurumi 09 May, 2011
A little bit heavier than specials and much moore heavier than original cute-TV-version=3=
Can't say it was disappointment, but it wasn't something to adore either.
genosan 28 Feb, 2011
This was once again a disappointment. Generally it was a tad worse than the special and miles away from the original. They seem to have cut many things; but most of those things gave Nodame Cantabile it's charm to begin with.

First of all the movie really lacked comedy which was much more prominent in the original and they actually made it work. Here it's absent but the comedy that is present isn't that good.

The characters this time especially the main ones have very little progression which they had both in the original and the special, Chiaki and Nodame do not change at all until the end and even then it's still really stagnant. It makes the events of the movie seem insignificant as a result. The supporting characters once again are rather dull and just thrown together which Nodame Cantabile has suffered with since the original. Why did they include Jean for about three lines? Just.....why?

The plot is just a recycled version of the original s-orchestra from the original series but with adults which didn't impress me. The outcome is also the same which just screams lack of creative effort from the writers. However the last part of the film is good because it sets the 2nd film up wonderfully. At the time of writing this I do have some interest in the 2nd film as a result, but overall this film as a whole is still stagnant. 3/5
daredaniel 16 Jan, 2011
Wow, this was so much better then the special episodes! As a single movie it is good, but as a Nodame Cantabile movie it is very good and fans won't be disappointed! I loved it :)
maurice 06 Jan, 2011
The Kamehameha part was very funny.
osiou 11 Nov, 2010
It was so..
It wasn't fulfilling. ㅠㅠ
Oh, time to watch theatrical version and then the second part... ㅠㅠ

Omo... why they cut all those cute / important moments from theatrical version? Lol.
gumitko 31 Oct, 2010
I'm so curious about the second movie... This one was good. But it's like with special, you need to see the second movie to understand it to the fullest...
And almost everyone are saying how is Nodame's parts better, but I don't know..I love Chiaki's parts also... and the developing of Nodame's and Chiaki's relationship or personalities depending on each other impliedly..
forestmaiden71 02 Oct, 2010 I can't believe it ended that way...