ESC to close 4.22 (by 1087 users)xia yi zhan, xing fu 下一站,幸福
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized xia yi zhan, xing fu
english Autumn's Concerto
literal Next Stop, Happiness
aka ha yat jaam, hang fuk


genres drama, life, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network TTV


date 04 Oct, 2009 - 28 Feb, 2010
episodes 21
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 4.22 of 5 by 1087 users
total users 1851
rating 4586
favorites 202



Ren Guang Xi is an arrogant law student, whose life changes when he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at the school's canteen. Guang Xi makes a bet with his friends that he can steal a kiss from Mu Cheng within a day's time, starting their love story.


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Ren Guang Xi
Liang Mu Cheng
He Yi Qian
Liang Xiao Le
Hua Tuo Ye


director, screenwriter


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30 Mar, 2013
So I heard that this drama was very depressing and equally good so despite having it in my laptop I always kept pushing it back. Watched the first episode and got hooked.

It tells the story of Mu Cheng, a poor orphaned girl who used to be rich, and Guang Xi, your everyday douche-bag of a rich and spoiled guy. The way they're relationship developed was very lovely and touching. The main actress was so convincing and PRETTY. (I think I have a girl crush on her) Not so sure about Vanness Wu though. Anyway, the whole drama was a huge bunch of cliche's mixed into a cocktail and I LOVED IT. That little boy was just OMG cute and I don't think I hated any character enough to want to kill them*cough*Se Na from Rooftop Prince*cough* FIVE STARS for a happy happy ending for everyone. WOO~
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03 Jun, 2012
When Liang Mu Cheng lost her father in an accident, she had to stop her rich life and live with her step-mother. They ended up living with a man, who could at least provide them food and a home. But when Mu Cheng grew up, her new father started to get interested in her body. She still tried to manage to not let anybody know, so that her step-mother won't be sad. But things change, when she meets Ren Guang Xi and they fall in love. But many obstacles are in front of them, one scarier as the other.

The story actually starts really great with Mu Cheng being a power girl and Guang Xi being a womanizer who ends up realizing that Mu Cheng isn't just like any other girl. The story also stays lovely and interesting, until the last few episodes, where they just try to squeeze in as many things as possible and then hurriedly end everything after wasting at least 5 episodes with unnecessary side-stories or the stubbornness of the main characters.

But in the end, I still was addicted to every single bit. What I enjoyed the most was watching Mu Cheng, because I always wanted to know how she reacts to the situations. As for Guang Xi, he probably is mainly eye-candy. I can't say anything to his acting, since I love Van Ness and am biased, but he really looks good when he smiles and I liked how he acted.

Bonus is also Liang Xiao Le, their little son. I loved that child so much, I wonder how they made him act so good for his age.

Flaws in the story aren't really existant. They managed to answer all my questions in the last 30 minutes of the last episode and in the end, they even gave us a happy end. It only had the flaw, that the characters looked a lot more inconsequent throught that. I couldn't understand their thoughts or feelings in the end. So that way, I deducted one star. But for a TW drama, I really enjoyed it a lot and also through the whole show, so 4 stars.
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15 Mar, 2011
A single mother lives in a village with her child where a man appears who falls love with her.


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trishness 11 Feb, 2010
This is one of the best and most moving love stories that I have ever seen. <3
bidooo 12 Jan, 2010
wooooooooow , a very beautiful Tdrama , I love it .
zaharisa 09 Jan, 2010
but.. is it sad?

I like love stories, but the more optimistic one...... not the sad one. I hope this story wouldn't be of "the sad one"...
moosespitz 21 Dec, 2009
a beautiful love story. (: