ESC to close 3.18 (by 229 users)du saramida 두 사람이다
  • 2007
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized du saramida
english Two People (literal)
aka someone behind you, voices

Based On

based on manhwa
title du saramida (두 사람이다)
author Gang Gyeong Ok (강경옥)


genres horror


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 22 Aug, 2007
duration 84 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.18 of 5 by 229 users
total users 408
rating 729
favorites 2



Ga In is present when two of her family members are murdered by people they love. She begins to think that her family is cursed and that she is next. Will she be able to find out what is going on or will she be next?


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Hong Seok Min
Park Hyeon Jung
Kim Ga In
Kim Ga Yeon
Jeong Eun Gyeong
Ga In's Mother


producer, director, screenwriter
costume designer
original creator
makeup artist


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victorique 09 Aug, 2016
@thefreak Well, reading what you wrote, I've watched this movie too, and I have also many theories about Park Ki Woong's character...
Maybe he is the personification of the humans evil side, maybe some Angel of Death or even the Devil, who knows xD But I liked his character the most in this movie - it's so mysterious, I bet I'll be thinking about it for a WHILE.
makiru 03 Jun, 2013
It's not scary at all...kinda ordinary, but I liked Ki Woong's character!
evahee 10 Mar, 2013
Didn't like it much. I think it could have evolved into something great because it had a good plot, but it kinda remained flat.
Park Ki Woong's character was very interesting and great though, the best thing about the movie! (though I wish he appeared a bit more...)
thefreak 07 Nov, 2012
I don't get this movie.
Are all horror movies like this? I'm asking because I normally don't watch them, they're too scary. I decided to try this film out because of the interesting poster and Gi Ung....
But this was absolutely unrealistic, pointless and...yeah....what did they all like about the girl? She was nothing more than ordinary in both, her looks and character.
Min is supposed to be the evil side of every human? Because he was the one encouraging her to kill and he also offered help to the boy at the end of the movie. And when Ga In looked back at all the scenes with him he wasn't there anymore. So he was the personification of their evil side, wasn't he?
ainaki 20 Aug, 2012
It wasn't that good.The movie was better than i thought it would be,but still not one of the three-star rated...
daelyna 04 Nov, 2011
Very interesting movie ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
milisia 04 Nov, 2010
Contains some sort of spoilers :D

What to write first...Well, honestly i think it's not a simple movie. We start with a some sort of shocker, then slice of comedy , and again shocker...upside down storyline was quite interesting- we have mystery from the past, nice gore moments, drama, even a romance part.
The one thing that look weird- the main characters know what to do , to be in trouble 24h per day XD
Everybody try to kill her , everybody try punish her and her family and from most of the film, i didn't have any idea why...she was so..ordinary....
And the boys part- Min was amazing, honestly, especially with the "helping" part (yeah, "helping" XD), and Jung- nice guy, but not very ..useful, i can say xD but hen he..."fix it" indeed.

Sooo...oh gosh, so amazing, the most of the best asian horror movie i seen so far...
sweetsandhorror 09 May, 2010
This movie is amazing <3 Ki Woo and Gi Woong's roles are really complex and they act incredibly well! The ending is just perfect X3