ESC to close 3.24 (by 891 users)kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
english Today, I'll Start Our Love (literal)
aka Love For Beginners

Based On

based on manga
title kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
author Minami Kanan (水波風南)


genres romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 08 Dec, 2012
duration 121 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.24 of 5 by 891 users
total users 1447
rating 2886
favorites 4


kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
2010 video jp
same setting


On the first day of high school, Hibino Tsubaki is immediately singled out for her plain, old fashioned appearance, even being teased by the popular boy who shares her name, Tsubaki Kyouta. To avoid being picked on, Tsubaki volunteers to cut Kyouta's hair if he'll leave her alone in return, only to peak his curiosity with the strange offer.


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Tsubaki Kyouta
Hibino Tsubaki
Hasegawa Nishiki
Hibino Sakura
Yamauchi Arisa


original creator


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15 Aug, 2013
Tsubaki is a plain girl. She doesn't like to stand out and studies hard to make her mother happy. When she enters high school, she meets Tsubaki Kyouta. But he is a womanizer and hits it off by trying to flirt with her. He even takes her first kiss away! But soon he sees that Tsubaki isn't like the other girls who would do anything to get into bed with him and so he starts to make her meet him.

This is based on a manga and with that, it's your everyday shojo manga. The girl is plain and pure but still has some beauty hidden. The guy is a womanizer and still manages to stay with someone he loves, if he really tries to. And of course everything they do is because of some kind of trauma or because they aren't yet aware of their dreams and talents. It's classic, yet I didn't find it all too boring. Just that it was the same story again. Nothing new, but they still were cute. Of course it's for a younger audience who also just entered high school.

Since it was only a movie, I can give it 3* for being good but not too special. Watch it if you need a fluffy shojo love story.
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09 Dec, 2013
Both are high school romances based on a manga series. The main boy is self assured and popular, while the main girl works to become more confident.


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deformedchrist 05 Mar, 2018
Was my first time watching something with Matsuzaka Tori and I just loved it. I remember I loved the manga too, but tbh I forgot many stuffs about the it, and I am not really sure if this movie was or not a faithful work to the original story, but it was enjoyable and cute.
littlebunny 06 Jul, 2015
@miyuka Where did you watch the movie? I cant find it anywhere T__T
thekoikoi 03 Jun, 2015
REALLY? A DRAMA? This manga was so bad and cliché and ugh... I can't believe it got a Drama, and with Takei Emi?? even more annoying, excuse me while I puke.
miyuka 18 May, 2015
Because of this movie I want to fall in love..
jessykiller 15 Mar, 2015
Omg... that was terrible!!! Nothing is like in the manga -.- I feel really angry, the guilty is not about the actors anyways, I think that they are good but... that was the worse live action that I saw ever!!
aqu135 06 Dec, 2014
movie felt too fast at times, but it was ok...i definitely cannot watch high school romances >_>
watashiwachiaki 05 Sep, 2014
I didn't watch the anime nor read the manga.
the movie felt incomplete yet complete. I'm sensing the prod skipped some scenes from the manga.
ryofanka 11 Aug, 2014
I haven't read the manga or neither have I watched the anime version...but I still like this movie. First time in ages I have watched Jmovie in one go and without pausing. It's either because this movie was good or I was just carving for simple love story and this move delivered it to me lol