ESC to close 3.17 (by 217 users)chonggakne yachaegage 총각네 야채가게
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized chonggakne yachaegage
english Bachelor's Vegetable Store (literal)
aka The Vegetable Store


genres drama, life, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network Channel A


date 21 Dec, 2011 - 08 Mar, 2012
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:20 - 22:30
status released


avg. score 3.17 of 5 by 217 users
total users 679
rating 687
favorites 3



A success story about a man who started a home shopping business from a tiny store.


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Han Tae Yang
Mok Ga On
Lee Seul U
Jung Dan Bi
Yun Ho Jae
Nam Yu Bong




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unknown 28 Oct, 2016
I knew that this drama didn't get many good comments but i still watched it. Why? Cause i love ji chang wook. Every drama with him is worth watching & i gotta say it was okay. The story was a lil bit too much with that 'mother' but the father was nice. I liked him. I could understand his actions.
i also liked it how he accepted jin shim & in the end even tae yang. But that mother was awful. So selfish. Everything she saw was herself & how awful her fate was. I liked it how tae yang never gave up. He is such a cutie who would not fall in love with a guy like him? At the beginning i found chang sol annoying. But he was cute later.

If you are feeling down & wabt to throw everything away. Watch this one. It shows that you can succeed if you believe in yourself & as long as you don't give up you can achieve everything.
I like the message of this drama. So it's a 4/5 even if i just wanted to die while watching it xD
I love you ji chang wook & i'm glad i found you - now i need to watch the next one xD
jangminhae 20 Feb, 2015
Ok... At first, I wanted to watch this because of Ji Chang Uk so I endured all the boring and slow story of the kids and that crazy lady being mean.
Then I started liking the four and later five of them together! <3 So I just kept watching to see what will happen with the store, their lives (except Tae Yang's, I knew what would happen to him, it was sooo obvious) and their loved ones. I just loooved Idol bachelor and his noona, and giraffe Kwang Soo which I love anyway because he's always so sweet and silly!!
But aside from that I believe that this series was just NOOOOOT worth the time I spent for it. I mean, 24 episodes?? Oh, come on!!!!
I can't say I liked it and, even though I didn't skip any scenes at first, I just couldn't stand that old ajumma going insane. And for the last 4 eps or something the story was so slow I thought I would DIE, so then for the first time in my life I skipped the annoying scenes! I may say I watched four episodes in one or two hours.
It was not totally bad, but it was not something good either. If the story was all about the store like the description deceivingly says, it would be a looooot better.

I know this comment is so long, but I wish there was a comment like this before I started watching it, so that I could change my mind (even the last second) because I'm not a person that likes leaving half-done jobs behind...

I would never recommend such a series to anyone!!! PLEASE make your decision about watching it carefully!
I'm now leaving with a peace of mind that at least I've warned you! ;D

I didn't like it.
Average: 2/5
yoonmin 06 Nov, 2012
it was soooooooooo slow at the end..... but ok, and mostly nice to watch, but should not have been 24 episodes!
toooooofy 23 Apr, 2012
قصه بنكه حلوة وجديده
الحلاوه كلها
تجتمع بقوة التمثيل
لان القصه شبه تقليديه
او اجتماعيه
فتحس ان الاحداث مو مره جذابه
بقد الحوارات واللقطات البسيطه
حبيت كمية الحلقات على المسلسل رغم اني كرهته في البدايه
لكن من جد عدد الحلقات جدا مناسب
rooomanoooma 14 Mar, 2012
WoooooooooooooooooW the ending was soooooooo perfect, I'm glad I picked up this drama <3
Ji Chang Uk's role as Tae Yang has reminded me of his role as Carl Laker in " Smile, Dong Hae "..Both of the characters are Innocent, clever, lovable, ambitious, & reliable.
Such an intriguing collection of characters all portrayed realistically within a frame of fascinating storyline which is combined with enjoyable OST is A MUST watching ;)

Gonna miss fresh Men T^T
stellybish 11 Mar, 2012
Gooosh, this was so refreshing and nice! Almost 3 months with this drama and I'm so gonna miss it !!!
I really cried at the end because it's over T__T
It was too good!! All the sad&funny moments! PRICELESS!!
I hope this drama gets more attention. It was amazing !!
It was really interesting until the very last moment! :)
You should watch it ~
Fresh Men, LOVE YOU! <3
p3rk3le 14 Feb, 2012
this is basically the reverse of the majority of kdramas. Its usually the kind, poor, cheerful girl that gets the attention of handsome rich guys. Here, its the kind, poor, cheerful guy who gets the attention of beautiful rich girls xD

No I'm kidding, its not just that. I like all the characters in this drama (except evil mom -but there ALWAYS has to be an evil mom or dad, right?) but 20 eps are too much, it'd be better if it was just the usual 16 for this story. Oh well, it has pretty boys, so.. :p
keelin 08 Feb, 2012
who else wants to have 911 ?haha