ESC to close 3.69 (by 1620 users)hai pai tian xin 海派甜心
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized hai pai tian xin
english Hi My Sweetheart
literal Extravagant Sweetheart
aka Shanghai Sweetheart, Play Boy And Sweetheart, hoi paai tim sam


genres comedy, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network CTS


date 01 Nov, 2009 - 31 Jan, 2010
episodes 14
duration 95 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:35
status released


avg. score 3.69 of 5 by 1620 users
total users 2562
rating 5979
favorites 173



Xue Hai comes from a very rich family and has been overprotected by his older sister ever since he was young. In order to learn to be independent, he decides to go overseas to Shanghai to study. To hide his background he lives under the identity of Lin Da Lang who comes from a very poor family. During his stay he meets Chen Bao Zhu, who saves him from the bullying of other students due to his dorky looks. He ends up falling in love with her, but a misunderstanding soon leads to their separation. Lin Da Lang, thinking he was dumped by Chen Bao Zhu, leaves for Taiwan after graduating. Three years later, Xue Hai (back to his original identity) has completely changed. He is no longer dorky and has turned into a play boy personality. However, one day he comes upon Chen Bao Zhu and decides to seek his revenge.


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Chen Bao Zhu
Xue Hai
He Yan Feng
Mo Li
Xue Bo
Xue Pei




09 Jun, 2012
Xue Hai is a rich, little boy who finally wants to break out of the overprotective world he lives in. Even though his older sister - who is practically his mother - is against it, he still goes to a school far away from his hometown, living as "Lin Da Lung", not showing is true identity of a rich heir. There, he meets Chen Bao Zhu, a loner and somehow a devil. But he ends up liking her and they spend a nice time together, until they break up over a misunderstanding and are sparated for three years. Da Lung goes back to being Xue Hai and actually becomes really handsome and a playboy, to be able to take revenge on Bao Zhu, who broke his heart.

I am a fan of the two main actors, I just had problems with the looks of Da Lung. How can they turn such a handsome actor in THIS. But still, he was lovely and he got well together wit Bao Zhu. Rainie played well, since it's probably similar to some other characters she played. I really like her character in here.

The side characters are also lovely, not really that hateful like in other series.

For the storyline, I have only one point that annoyed me. The ending. Not the final scene or something, but the last two episodes did not fit the whole comedy they showed us for 12 episodes. I really enjoyed the part before that, because even though there were many sad scenes and a lot of crying, there were so many funny parts to make it light and enjoyable.

But I'll actually look over that tiny problem, because this drama has something I never expected to see in a drama. It has the best cryingscene I've ever seen. When Chen Bao Zhu is running after Da Lung and at some point just breaks down, crying and screaming for him... I could feel her so well, I really wanted to jump in and just hug her. This is probably the sadest and crying best scene I've ever seen in a drama.

The comedy was stereotypical, overacting was used very much, especially for Da Lung/Xue Hai. And if you like TW-dramas, you'll probably enjoy this one as well, because it's short, has a lot of well-known actors that are doing good work and the story is funny, heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

In the end, I'll rate it with 5 stars, because it didn't give me anything to dislike, except for maybe the overused drama at the end.
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22 Dec, 2012
They are both about a guy with somewhat dorky looks that gets ditched by the woman he loves. He returns as a handsome and rich man in her life, wishing revenge.
Both about lost lovers. The lead (male/female) finds someone that looks exactly like them, then falls in love all over again.


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aoimuki 28 Aug, 2016
That series was really cute! It's been a long time I had this feeling about a show, it really gave me back my teenager self. ^^ It wasn't perfect at all, but I really liked the main characters, they were extremly sweet.
kamilles 05 Oct, 2013
Dorky Lin Da Lang and the evil Chen Bao Zhu was so much better than playboy Xue Hai and sweet Chen Bao Zhu!
I enjoyed this drama a lot! :)
9miho 14 Aug, 2013
I think that this is more enjoyable if you haven't watched too many dramas before it. Luckily, it was only about my 10th or something when I first watched it and so when I rewatched it, I found it thoroughly enjoyable. I think that it is pretty much a feel good drama and it has quite a bit of comedy value. The storyline isn't the best but the acting was good and everybody got into their characters.

I think a nice touch would have been to
have Bao Chu's mother at the wedding and be able to see her reaction to it. Also to see her reaction when she found out he was from a wealthy background.

It can get a bit repetitive at times and I think they could have probably cut about 4 or 5 episodes out of it.

after watching quite a few dramas now it disappoints me when there is the 'memory loss' section. It seems to me to be quite a cop out when the story could have already finished. However, I like in this drama that he actually thinks he's Lin Da Lung.

However, all in all a good feel good drama.
moonlightangel 31 Aug, 2012
Really Really Cute :3
dollstar 09 May, 2012
@miwtf @doramaaprncss Actually I don't think he stole the song. I went to Wikipedia to see who composed Show's song. Credits were given to Swedish composer Thomas G:son, who is the same composer of that Poets song. Apparently that song was an entry in the 2002 Eurovision Contest. So it's pretty clear he had permission to sing that and he didn't steal anything, otherwise he wouldn't have credited the original composer.

It's very easy to speculate, but the right thing to do is to search for the accurate information.
nyappyqueen 03 Apr, 2012
It was pretty good drama!
I really liked the actors but I think it was a bit too long drama... ^^'
miwtf 28 Feb, 2012
Yeah, true. It got me really annoyed to the point that I didn't finish the drama. But that's life I guess.
doramaaprncss 28 Feb, 2012
haha don't worry i'm not so stupid as to believe it was a strange coincidence. it wasn't, but what can we do? People steal.