ESC to close 3.94 (by 497 users)dare mo shiranai
  • 2004
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized dare mo shiranai
english Nobody Knows (literal)

Based On

based on real story


genres drama, family, life


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 07 Aug, 2004
duration 141 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.94 of 5 by 497 users
total users 832
rating 1958
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Four children who live with their mom in poverty try to survive. They live in secret, to avoid an extra charge on their apartment. They cannot go outside, if they do, it has to be in secret. One day, their mom abandons them. They will have a hard struggle to survive...


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Fukushima Akira
Mizuguchi Saki
Fukushima Keiko
Hiroyama Jun
Fukushima Kyouko
Fukushima Yuki


producer, director, screenwriter, editor
art director


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10 Jan, 2014
A mother of four children moves in to a new appartement in a very unique way. One of the children is walking with her, the other three are hidden in luggage. Only the oldest son is allowed to go out, the other three are locked up inside. And then the mother disappears. How will three children aged from 6 to 12 survive with a bit of money their mother left them?

This movie is based on a real case form Japan, where the mother abandoned her children. I wouldn't call it a bad movie, but since I am the type to watch movies to enjoy myself rather than being reminded of the cruel world, I couldn't really rate it better. It is not a bad movie, but it is saddening and depressing to watch and think how this really happened. This movie shows many of the social problems Japan had back in 2004 and still has. For example nobody seems to think they have to do something about the children who live alone. And then there is regular bullying. There is the issue of a good friend of the oldest son trying to prostitute herself to get some money for the kids and so on. There is a lot of serious stuff and even though the movie is not bad, it's not what I want to watch. So it get's 2* from, but a warm recommendation to everyone who likes realistic films that tell you the problems of a society. If you are interested in Japan, you should try and think outside of the frames while watching the movie, since it can teach you a lot about the japanese society.
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13 Jun, 2010
I'm personally not much of a fan of stuff drawn from reality itself -- it always runs the risk of comparison with the actual events, to the good and to the bad.

Having informed myself about the incident after having watched the film, I must say the director has managed to distill the spirit of the original cruelty of the mother and nonetheless the thriving spirit of the young into a very convincing result. I kept asking myself during the film how it would continue, and I was not disappointed or disconvinced that indeed this could happen in reality. Shocking, but not unreal. Recommended.
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22 Aug, 2011
Although yami no kodomotachi doesn't have a similar plotline to dare mo shiranai, the general theme is the same: abused and abandoned children who are exposed to the world's most disgusting, cruel and saddening side. Both handle the subject of how vulnerable children are and thus focus on subjects that are generally avoided by the public. So, if you feel like you want to get your eyes opened a bit then both films are made for that.

30 Aug, 2010
Both films deal with the subject of children being abandoned by their single mothers.


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volkovices 14 Jan, 2018
WEEK 1 - Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film of the Year

japanese cinema is a class about patience and i'm a good student. i'm not asian or anything, i'm just a introverted lady who thinks too much sometimes and these kind of movie reflects a little how my mind works.

i didn't give 5 stars because it was too.... slow.... even for me, but that only enriched my experience. it was painfully sad and i spent the entire film thinking about how things actually went... then i read that the movie wasnt totally like the real story, what made me SADDER. i'm a sucker for sad stories and those japanese people KNOW how to make me depressed over a film (or a dorama, i've watched a few of them), so DOUBLE WIN.

this is the first film of a personal asian challenge for 2018 and, in fact, it was a good start. let me see what the asians have for me.
kiyoshi 18 Sep, 2015
It was really sad.
babu 16 Jul, 2013
Well, interresting and touching, but not that good as I expected. I know it is part of this movies "style", but I think there were too long too boring scenes... But it was really touching story, showing the real lifetroubles. It really kept a long after feeling with me. And guys, if you think life is hard for you, you should just see it. You will be glad for what you have.
yuna 08 Apr, 2013
Weird. The movie was very good, but it didn't make me cry. I don't know why, but it doesn't change the fact it made me really sad. Truly recommended.
aqu135 23 Feb, 2013
I don't cry at movies, and I had tears in my eyes towards the end. Definitely a must watch!
kyraa 11 Jun, 2012
Amazing movie, one of my favorites. It's worth watching.
buebuesan 07 Mar, 2012
So touching, heartbreaking [2]
sumaya 01 Feb, 2012
So touching, heartbreaking :(