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  • 1998
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized ring
aka The Ring, ringu

Based On

based on book
title ring
author Suzuki Kouji (鈴木光司)


genres horror, mystery, suspense, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 31 Jan, 1998
duration 95 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.38 of 5 by 770 users
total users 1085
rating 2604
favorites 9


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2000 film jp
ring saishuushou
1999 TV jp
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1999 film jp


To Reiko it appears pretty strange that her niece died, having a scared face like she saw something terrible. That's when she starts to investigate the case, discovering that some of her niece's friends actually died at the same time and in the same way. When Reiko searches, she finds a weird video tape which she watches, whereafter weird things start to happen. Apparently, the tape is cursed and each person who watches it dies after a week. But when Reiko starts to look into the case, to understand what's happening, everything leads her to a tragic story of a girl named Sadako.


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Asakawa Reiko
Takayama Ryuuji
Ooishi Tomoko
Takano Mai
Kurahashi Masami
Ikuma Heihachirou


original creator


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29 Dec, 2012
Both are well known horror movies which will surprise you. Both movies contain similar characters as both also revolve around the supernatural. Both are also made by the same producer. In Chakushin Art, you die after receiving a call, and in Ring you die after watching a video tape.


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purefault 26 Oct, 2015
I may be the only one who thinks this, but if the best parts of both this an the American remake were combined, it would make for an even better horror film. The American version somehow felt overall more ominous, but there were scenes in the original Japanese adaptation that really stuck with me as well.
gregg 20 Feb, 2013
The best horror movie in the history of film that created a new trend in cinema.
alicedreams 26 Jan, 2013
Wow, original versions are always the best. The american remake was laughable. The novel was fantastic and gripped me to the end, and this film was great to watch. However, I would advise reading the novel instead, as it goes into more detail (If I can remember correctly, they used maths and science in order to de-code the video).
pieev 03 Feb, 2012
Really boring. And i get scared very easily. I could't even watch the usa version because it's too scary for me. But this one... i almost fell asleep. >_>
dollstar 22 Oct, 2011
A classic and a must-watch for all Asian horror fanatics. This is the movie that popularized the long-haired ghost that became a central figure in so many movies that followed it. It is by no means a perfect movie, and in many aspects the American remake is superior, but this one has a lot of merits on its own. It's more creepy and subtle than scream-out-loud, so if you value a tense atmosphere over sudden boo scares, this is the movie for you. It's definitely more impressive if you saw it before all the other movies that took inspiration from it.
musicimmortalmelody 16 Jun, 2011
even though i liked the american version better it was rather good!!but i expected to get much much scared from the original which didnt happen..
r0lan 10 May, 2011
The drama version is it came from the novels...this one just follows the manga, since the protagonist is female T3T
akiratouya 11 Mar, 2011
Hmm? I wonder why there aren't any comments even though so many people have probably seen the movie...?

But anyhow: for some reason this movie was a bit of a disappintment. I loved the USA-version (at least when I was about 12) so I expected the japanese one to be even better. 'Cause, seriously, they are usually. In this case it wasn't. The plot was slow, there weren't any scary scenes, the main character's son was kinda impassive etc. >.>;