ESC to close 4.05 (by 2537 users)dakchigo: kkotminam band 닥치고 꽃미남밴드
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dakchigo: kkotminam band
english Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
aka shut up: pretty boys band, shut up and let's play!, eye candy, eye cleansing, angujeonghwa, dakkkotbaen, 안구정화, 닥꽃밴


genres drama, romance, friendship, music, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 30 Jan, 2012 - 20 Mar, 2012
episodes 16
duration 45 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 23:45
status released


avg. score 4.05 of 5 by 2537 users
total users 4173
rating 10275
favorites 408


iutjib kkotminam
2013 TV kr
kkotminam ramyeongage
2011 TV kr
yeonaejojakdan; cyrano
2013 TV kr


The lives of a tight knit group of aspiring rockers are marked by tragedy and new beginnings after they're transferred to a school in an affluent neighborhood.




Kim Ha Jin
Lee Hyeon Su
Gwon Ji Hyeok
Jang Do Il
Seo Gyeong Jong
Im Su A




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23 Jul, 2012
Shut Up is an interesting take on the movie industry. The show delves into the struggling lives of a group of friends for whom music is not just a way of life, but an escape from the harsh realities of their despondent lives. And while the show has the mandatory 'geniuses' of the industry, everyone is realistic and heart-felt. There are no pure villains, and the mistakes are honest ones born from misunderstandings and people being people.

There are failures and successes, breaks in friendships and formation of new ones, but at its heart, the show is about a group of kids trying to find their way in a world that's set against them.

Not perfect, but as close as a music show can be.
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18 Apr, 2012
Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a drama that portrays youth really well.

The main characters are all in some way involved in a school band called "Eye Candy". Everyone is either a member, a friend, a rival or someone trying to make use of the band in some way. That's why it could probably labelled as music drama but I think it's not primarily about music but about all those characters. The central characters are young and rebellious. They act both selflessly and selfishly and make mistakes or misunderstand each other. The viewer gets to see what fame can do to friendship and how it's exactly friendship or love that gets in the way.

I really liked the portrayal of all the characters and I think they all were believable.

Still, I never really felt emotionally involved. I quite liked Ji Hyeok, the leader and Hyeon Su, the most ambitious one as characters but I didn't really care all that much about the rest. Although I could see the storyline happen in real life to certain extents, there were situations that felt almost comical to me, as if taken straight from a manga. Thanks to that it had a fresh though simple-minded feeling to it which can be good but didn't fully work for me.

Anyway, I still think it was pretty good and I really think that the character portrayals were great.
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14 Feb, 2015
Both series are about boy bands and the way they deal with friendship, relationships and the music industry after their leaders die.

03 Jul, 2014
Both dramas are about a group who faces the challenges of the music industry. The rookie groups compete with each other to try and become stars, and that takes a toll on their friendships.


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missblackrabbit 20 Jun, 2015
Alright, the transition from the first 2 eps to the rest of the serie was very difficult, mainly because I found Ji Heyok's reaction - his acting - was too tame for the circumstances. Not the script, not his lines but rather the way he acted them. I wanted him to freak out, scream, push and shove and rebel! ...but that lasted a whole minute.

However, once that passed, the story was engaging and the characters struggled to remain authentic much like we do in real life. They were thrown left and right and each reacted in their own way.

The ending was perfect, and showed how individuality is not necessarily a bad thing (which is often shun in asian culture).
Because of the first 2 episodes and the ending, I'm giving it an extra star.
4/5 - Stands out from the rest.
missblackrabbit 12 Jun, 2015
Finding it very diffult to stick with it past ep.2. I feel haunted; more than the characters themselves....
Full review to come.
ilate 09 May, 2015
Just rewatched if for the 3rd time. It never gets old <3
victorique 07 Nov, 2014
I really like Jo Bo Ah since her apperance in Surplus Princess, so I really wanted to watch another drama with her, besides there's also L from Infinite :)
Even if the plot is nothing new, it still sounds quite interesting :)
jaimeedarling 07 Oct, 2014
@kkamtaem THANK you! hehehehe (^^)
kkamtaem 06 Oct, 2014
@jaimeedarling hahah i totally feel you in that lmao
jaimeedarling 22 Jul, 2014
So I'm FINALLY watching this, and does ANYBODY ELSE want to just SLAP that "best friend" of Su Ah's IN THE FACE!? I'm so sick of her, I swear to god, if Su Ah doesn't start standing up to her or yelling at her or SOMETHING, I will lose it. >
liyirna 15 Jul, 2014
Smart writing, thoughtful ending.
Byung Hee reminded me of Gackt.