ESC to close 3.83 (by 1889 users)cheongukui upyeonbaedalbu
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan, Korea

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romanized cheongukui upyeonbaedalbu
english Postman To Heaven
literal Heaven's Postman


genres drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Japan, Korea
type real
format film


date 11 Nov, 2009
duration 107 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.83 of 5 by 1889 users
total users 2878
rating 7230
favorites 116



Sin Jae Jun is a postman who collects the letters that people write for their beloved ones who have already passed away and sends them to Heaven. One day a girl sees him emptying the post box and somehow he ends up asking her to help him with his work..., both start to fall for each others, but there's a problem.




Sin Jae Jun
Jo Ha Na
Choe Geun Bae
Lee Mun Gyo
Gu Dae Bong




09 Dec, 2010
Ooookay, I had reaaally high expectations for this movie given the screenwriter and the story and I was quite disppointed.

First of all... the whole first half of the movie was extremely boring. I really had to struggle to keep on watching... the last part was better, but there was still the fact that I was extremely unhappy with the character of Jo Ha Na. I absolutely disliked her personality, I felt she was completely random and this is also because of Han Hyo Ju's bad acting. I've seen her before in Iljimae as Eun Chae and I liked her a lot there. The quiet, lovely type suited her well and her acting was good, but she totally failed at the "lively" type in Heaven's Postman. As I said, her actions didn't feel "lively" to me but mostly random and as others have stated her crying is awful. Nah, even until the end I couldn't get to like her.

Jae Jung on the opposite was a positive surprise! I saw him in "Sunao ni Narenakute" and couldn't quite get to like his acting there, but seeing him acting in his native language and seeing him get to act as a character that in my opinion fits his type, his performance was much better. His quiet, reserved acting fit the atmosphere of the movie well, quite opposite to Han Hyo Ju's overdone acting which would've fit better into some Manga adaption Drama, but not in this kind of movie.

Still, in the end I kind of liked the message of the movie and the ending was really unpexpected and lovely. Even though I knew the twist I forgot it while watching this movie and was very delighted to have forgotten it, because it made the movie much more interesting (at least the second half of it).

I would like to have this re-shot with someone else in Jo Ha Na's role... Maybe the girl from Coffee Prince or someone else a bit less pretty but more talented. So, all in all, average.
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06 Jun, 2011
Both films tell about unexpected love and they have similar atmosphere. Main characters have to face many difficulties if they want their love to be fulfilled.


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seoltang 19 Jan, 2018
Amei o final. 3/5
tamayatz 10 Apr, 2016
What a sweet, sweet movie with a lovely ending.
empatia 12 Apr, 2014
It was stunning. Quiet and peaceful, but not boring. At least, I really enjoyed watching this movie. And ending... was just perfect.
sunkeener 20 Jul, 2013
It was quite an irritating experience. Beautiful visual picture, but extremely annoying female lead.
hielin 20 May, 2013
I don't understand the hype over this. I was hoping this to be a real tearjerker, but in the end it was just 'meh'. First half of the movie was really good, though.
followme 04 May, 2013
I don't believe(c) Stanislavsky
089110 17 Feb, 2013
I watched about thirty or forty minutes of this movie and stopped. Everything seemed to be proceeding so quickly, but nothing seemed to be happening. I personally thought it was sloppy and plain boring.
animeangel4eva 27 Nov, 2012
Such a precious, bittersweet film. I was in tears. The ending was just perfect.
I am not typically a fan of "calm & quiet" films like this, but I was touched and enjoyed it from start to finish.
Also the cinematography was absolutely stunning.